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  • MSS.243/5/1
  • 1884
  • Item
  • 12 illustrated issues, plus 'Christmas Supplement'. At front: index; at back: list of institutes, branches, etc., and general directory.
    Includes serialised stories, Bible study, recipes and domestic advice, articles on the natural world, and news of YWCA work.
    Individual articles include: 'How to dress' (p.7); articles on education and cultivation of women by Constance Maynard, Principal of the Ladies' College, Hampstead (including 'Women we are, and women we wish to be, but -') (pp.8, 16, 28, 44, 56); 'India's women' (story told from the point of view of a missionary) (pp.22, 33-4, 58, 69); 'Rules for domestic happiness' (p.23); 'Telephone work' as employment for women (p.43); information about telegraph work for women (p.58); reports on YWCA conference (pp.65, 80); 'Healthful exercises for girls' (p.80); 'Mr Moody going home: Close of London Mission, 1883-84' (pp.91-2); 'Emigration' (to Canada) (p.93); 'Torquay New Institute' (p.102); 'Tight lacing' of corsets (p.105); 'Our Syrian sisters' (p.108); 'Ladies' gymnasium' at Liverpool YWCA (p.112); 'London YWCA: Central Christian Institute' (p.118); 'Plants as medicines' (p.120); description and engravings of Gordon Hall, new YWCA Institute Buildings at Liverpool (pp.126-8); report of farewell missionary meeting, Glasgow (p.141).
  • 1 volume
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