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  • National Front Headquarters papers, 1991-1998; National Front publications, 1975-1998; West Midlands National Front publications and election materials, 1993-1998; Dudley and Wolverhampton National Front papers, 1995-1998; Walsall National Front papers, 1995-1998; Wayne Ashcroft's personal papers, including correspondence and membership papers, 1994-1998; Young National Front papers, 1990s; information from various other National Front branches, 1995-1997; British National Party Headquarters and West Midlands Region papers, 1995-1998; British National Party publications, 1975-1998; National Democrats information, 1995-1998; National Democrats publications, 1995-1997; other right wing publications and artefacts, 1939-1999; newspaper cuttings, 1993-1999.
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Admin history
  • Wayne Ashcroft was already a member of the National Front when it changed its name to the National Democrats in 1995. He joined John McAuley in the breakaway group which retained the original name, becoming organiser of the Dudley and Wolverhampton Branch, the Walsall Branch and the West Midlands Region. He was also elected to the National Directorate in 1996 as organiser of the reformed Young National Front. After increasing disagreements with McAuley and the rest of the leadership, particularly over Ashcroft's calls for unity between the National Front and other nationalist organisations, he resigned as regional organiser in February 1998 and resigned from the Directorate in June 1998, although he continued as organiser of the newly reformed Worcester Branch.
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