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  • MSS.292D/805.93/2
  • 1972-1976
  • Item
  • Correspondence, memoranda, notes, minutes, extracts from Hansard, press cuttings, press releases, etc.

    Documents include: TUC statement on 'Expulsion of Asians from Uganda', 1972; 'The Ugandan Asians' by Shirley Williams, Labour Party Home Policy Committee draft statement, 1972; 'Illegal immigrants and the amnesty', Labour Party Research Department Information Paper no.4, Apr 1974; press release about Birmingham Community Development Projects report to the Home Secretary on divided families, 1974; TUC memorandum on 'Illegal immigrants', 1976; leaflets, circulars and poster from the Campaign to Repeal the Immigration Act, 1976; background paper on 'The Immigration Bill' by Peter Archer, undated; 'Trade unions and immigrant workers', Workers' Educational Association background notes on industrial relations, prepared by the Runnymede Trust, Dec 1974.
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