Reference number
  • MSS.292/980/2
  • 1946-1949
  • Item
  • Includes correspondence (particularly with trade unions and Trades Union Congress equivalents), reports, memoranda, circulars, etc.

    Documents include: correspondence re the Peron government in Argentina; report of the US labor delegation to Argentina (following invitation by the Argentinian government), 1947, with appendices submitted by Argentinian trade unions re the situation in the country; report on the 'Evolution of trade unionism in Peru', 1948; press release from the Argentinian Embassy, London, 1949 (in both Spanish and English); correspondence re the dissolution of trade unions in Venezuela, 1949; 'Lucha Sindical', Venezuelan trade union newspaper, 18 Sep 1948, with translation of article about Florence Hancock; 'Note on Chile', following interview with Mr Wachsner, c.1948; bill of rights of the workers proclaimed by General Juan Peron, 1947.
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