Reference number
  • MSS.292/980/1
  • 1929-1946
  • Item
  • Includes correspondence (particularly with trade unions and Trades Union Congress equivalents), reports, memoranda, circulars, etc.

    Documents include: report of British TUC fraternal delegate to conference of South and Latin American trade unions, 1944; text of speech by Joseph Hallsworth to Argentinian TUC, given at Geneva, 1939; correspondence re dispute with Costa Rican Northern Railway Company; press release from the Confederacion General del Trabaja de la Republica Argentina, 1946, re Vincente Lombardo Toledano and the Argentinian trade union movement (in Spanish); letter from the British Vice Consulate for Oriente re position of West Indians in Cuba following the introduction of the 50% law and the government's policy of 'Cuba for the Cubans', 1945; report on 'Present and future of Latin America', Confederación de los Trabajadores de América Latina, 1944; resolutions adopted by the second general congress of Confederación de los Trabajadores de América Latina, 1944; translation of report from Mr Stolz on the CTAL conference on the situation in South America, 1944; speech by José Domenech, General Secretary of the Argentinian CGT, at meeting organised by Accion Argentina, 1940 (in English and Spanish); 'Pueblos de America: Trabajadores, Juventudes, Mujeres!', pro-Communist Cuban leaflet opposing involvement in the 'imperialist' Second World War, 1939; correspondence re deportation of trade unionists from Argentina to Italy, 1937; 'Boletim Mensal' of Partido Trabalhista do Brasil, 1 Oct 1930 and 4 Apr 1931 (in Portuguese); Partido Trabalhista do Brasil leaflets, c.1930 (in Portuguese).
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