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  • MSS.292/967.1/1
  • 1948-1952
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  • Correspondence regarding Kenya; including trade union development; Trade Union (Registration) Bill which required all trade unions registered before 20 April 1948 to re-register within a month of commencement of the Bill; Kenya Trade Union Bill, 1952, which it was felt would be a retrogressive step as far as trade union development was concerned and attempts to secure amendments.
    The 1952 Ordinance appeared to encourage the development of sub-trade unions (small Company Unions) rather than stimulate growth of bona fide unions. Also to be introduced was a probationary period for trade unions, with harsh standards laid down to be used for de-registration. All trade union officers should from hence-forth be actually with the trade union concerned. A great many restrictions introduced regarding Annual Returns to make it very difficult for a small union to comply. New harsh clauses regarding picketing were also in the Ordinance.
    Documents including reports, memoranda, etc.
    Trade Unions - the organisation of a trade union, by Jas. Patrick.
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