• 1922-1961
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  • The Trades Union Congress Registry divided Africa as follows, North, West, East and South, and the files reflect the Trades Union Congress' involvement and interest in Britain's former colonies and protectorates. These files mainly relate to the development of native trade unions with correspondence with trade unions and a Trades Union Congress equivalent; there is also discussion regarding education and training of trade union officials.

    Some interesting points highlighted include reactions to the 1956 Suez Crisis; concern at harsh trade union legislation in Kenya and the repercussions of the Mau Mau rebellion on treatment of trade unions; position of trade unions in South Africa following the election of the Nationalist Party in 1948 and the commencement of their apartheid programme and the passing of the Suppression of Communism Act, 1950.

    This section has been divided into the following countries:
    General (Trades Union Congress ref. no. 960)
    Egypt (TUC ref. no. 962)
    Sudan (TUC ref. no. 962.1)
    Abyssinia/Ethiopia (TUC ref. no. 963)
    Eritrea (TUC ref. no. 963.2)
    Tunisia, Morocco, Tangier, Algeria (TUC ref. no. 964.1)
    Libya (TUC ref. no. 964.2)
    West Africa (TUC ref. no. 966)
    Gambia (TUC ref. no. 966.1)
    Gold Coast/Ghana (TUC ref. no. 966.2)
    Nigeria (TUC ref. no. 966.3)
    Cameroons (TUC ref. no. 966.31)
    Sierra Leone (TUC ref. no. 966.4)
    The Congo/Zaire (TUC ref. no. 966.6)
    St. Helena (TUC ref. no. 966.9)
    East Africa (TUC ref. no. 967)
    Kenya (TUC ref. no. 967.1)
    Somalia (TUC ref. no. 967.11)
    Tanganyika/Tanzania (TUC ref. no. 967.2)
    Uganda (TUC ref. no. 967.3)
    Nyasaland (Malawi) (TUC ref. no. 967.4)
    Zanzibar (TUC ref. no. 967.5)
    Seychelles (TUC ref. no. 967.7)
    Madagascar (TUC ref. no. 967.8)
    Mauritius (TUC ref. no. 967.9)
    South Africa (TUC ref. no. 968)
    Northern Rhodesia/Zambia (TUC ref. no. 968.1)
    Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe (TUC ref. no. 968.2)
    Bechuanaland/Botswana (TUC ref. no. 968.51)
    Swaziland (TUC ref. no. 968.52)
    Lesotho/Basutoland (TUC ref. no. 968.53
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