Reference number
  • MSS.292/943.7/12
  • 1938
  • Item
  • Reports, memoranda, minutes, National Council of Labour circulars, leaflets, etc.
    Documents include: minutes of National Council of Labour, Sep, 7 Oct 1938, 22 Mar 1939; 'The truth about Czechoslovakia', Czechoslovak Advertising Club, 1938; Labour Party pamphlets - 'The full facts of the Czech crisis', 'I want a real peace conference to deal with the causes of war' by Clement Attlee MP, and 'Peace for whose time?' by Herbert Morrison MP, 1938; reports of visits to Czechoslovakia and Prague, 1938; International Peace Campaign Newsletter, no.13, 21 Sep 1938; text of interview between Dr Benez, President of the Czechoslovak Republic, and the Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Daily Herald, Jan 1938.
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