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  • MSS.292/943/25
  • 1948-1950
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  • Correspondence, reports, memoranda, press cuttings, etc., including re concern at implications for the European Recovery Programme and the German trade union movement. Many of factories referred to were iron and steel works, dismantled with the intention of reducing German capacity to mobilise for war and so that the machinery could contribute towards reparations.
    Documents include: appeals to the TUC from German factory workers and management; report on the planned reactivation of the Hütte Braunschweig, Oct 1948; report on 'Coverage of the iron and steel demand within the scope of the Marshall Plan with due regard to bottlenecks caused by the dismantling', 1948 (in English and German); Foreign Office memorandum on the measures agreed by the UK, US and French Foreign Ministers on the programme for Germany, 1949, HMSO, Cmd. 7677.
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