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  • MSS.126/TG/RES/X/1058
  • 1923 - 1945
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  • Labour Party: 'The Colonial Empire', 22pp pamphlet, 1933; 'The Demand for Colonial Territories and Equality of Economic Opportunity', 52pp pamphlet, 1936; 'Common Sense about Colonies', by Philip Noel-Baker, 14pp pamphlet, 1939; 'The Colonies', 22pp pamphlet, 1933.

    Royal Institute of International Affairs: 'The British Commonwealth and the World', by Richard Frost, 74pp pamphlet, 1945; 'Impressions of the British Commonwealth Relations Conference, 1938', by Ernest Bevin, 21pp pamphlet, 1939.

    Ministry of Labour and National Service: 'Oversea Settlement in Australia: Assisted Passage Scheme', leaflet, 1946; 'Oversea Settlement in Australia: Free passage scheme for ex-Service men and women and their dependents', leaflet, 1946.

    New Fabian Research Bureau: 'The Protection of Colonial Peoples: A Study in British Colonial Policy', 52pp pamphlet, nd; Associated Producers of East Africa: 'Fourteen Points About Kenya: The Facts Stated', 16pp pamphlet, [1923]; "Chinese Industrial Cooperatives", 3pp document, nd; Australian News and Information Bureau, London: 'Australia and Your Future...', 21pp pamphlet, [1940s]; New Zealand High Commission, London: 'New Zealand: The Land, The People, The Way of Life', 21pp pamphlet, [1940s]; 'Australia Speaks', by Isolde Ramsay, 6pp pamphlet, 1939; 'The Mineral Deposits of Newfoundland', 27pp pamphlet, 1924; 'The Forests of Newfoundland', 24pp pamphlet, 1924; 'The Fisheries of Newfoundland', 30pp pamphlet, 1924; The Daily Mail: 'Trade Union Mission to United States: Full Story of the Tour and Members' Reports', 111pp volume, 1926; The World's Evangelical Alliance: 'Civil and Religious Liberty in Malta', by J W Poynter, 34pp pamphlet, 1930; Indians Overseas Association: 'The Real Kenya Question: A Few Facts', 16pp pamphlet, [c.1923]; 'The Fisheries and Resources of Newfoundland', by Michael E Condon, 376pp volume, 1925.
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