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  • MSS.126/TG/RES/X/1052A/1-2
  • 1924 - 1936
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  • Anglo-Russian Parliamentary Committee: 'The "Zinoviev Letter": The Case for a Full Investigation', by W P Coates, 27pp pamphlet, nd; 'Relations between the USSR and Uruguay', by M Litvinov, 32pp pamphlet, 1936; 'The New Soviet Constitution', 31pp pamphlet, 1936; 'Soviet National Economy: A Record of Progress in 1935 and Estimates for 1936', by W P Coates and Zelda K Coates, 69pp pamphlet, 1936; 'Russia's Foreign Policy', by A I Rykov, 24pp pamphlet, 1927; 'The Burning Question of Russian Oil', by W P Coates, 31pp pamphlet, 1927; 'Soviet Foreign Policy', by Ivan Maisky, 20pp pamphlet, 1936; 'Anti-Soviet Lies Nailed', by W P Coates, 28pp pamphlet, 1930; 'Russia's Disarmament Proposals', by W P Coates, 62pp pamphlet, 1928; 'USSR and Disarmament', by W P Coates, 82pp volume, 1928; 'Economic Development of the USSR and Soviet Foreign Policy', by Ivan Maisky, 23pp pamphlet, 1936; 'The Moscow Trial (1936)', 78pp pamphlet, 1936; 'Why Anglo-Russian Diplomatic Relations Should Be Restored', by W P Coates, 78pp volume, 1928.

    Communist Party of Great Britain: 'Red and White Terror', by N Krylenko, 40pp pamphlet, 1928; 'History of the Zinoviev Letter: Facts About the Infamous Letter', by A McManus, 48pp volume, 1925; 'Women in Russia', 32pp pamphlet, 1928.

    Press cuttings re Zinoviev Letter, 1924; 'Women in the Soviet Union', 67pp volume, 1929; 'The Financial and Economic Results of the Working of the Lena Goldfields Company Limited', by S A Bernstein, 36pp pamphlet, nd; International Class War Prisoners' Aid: 'Soviet Prisons', by E Shirvindt, 32pp pamphlet, 1928; Independent Labour Party: 'The Tories and Russian Trade', by W P Coates, 24pp pamphlet, 1929; Anglo-Russian Committee: Report on the British Trade Delegation to Russia, 62pp pamphlet, 1929; 'Anti-Soviet Forgeries', 141pp volume, 1927; 'Unemployment, Engineering and the Russian Market', by John Scurr, 29pp pamphlet, 1930; New Fabian Research Bureau: 'Why the USSR Joined the League [of Nations]', 36pp pamphlet, 1935; Central Concessions Committee of the USSR: 'Documents concerning the Competence of the Arbitration Court set up in connection with the Questions outstanding between the Lena Goldfields Co Ltd and the USSR', 60pp volume, 1930; 'Can We Trade with Russia?', by Edouard Luboff, 48pp volume, 1929; 'Trade with Russia', by Henry E Metcalf, 16pp pamphlet, 1929; 'The New Clarion', vol.2, nos.44-49, April-May 1933.
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