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  • STO
  • 1957-1977
  • Collection
  • This collection contains: operational reports and memoranda, 1957-1977; British Steel Operational Research Advisory Committee minutes, 1976-1993; (Operational Research in British Steel) newsletter, 1970s-1992.
  • 15 boxes
  • This collection has been weeded for duplicates.
  • This catalogue reproduces the lists supplied with the deposits, in which reports and memoranda were listed in order of original reference, which is broadly chronological. The references were made up of a running number followed by a letter code followed by a further number or numbers. The following letter codes relate to particular works or firms:

    AF: Appleby-Frodingham Steel Company, Scunthorpe
    BAR: Barrow-in-Furness
    FOX: S Fox and Company Limited, Stocksbridge
    MCC: McCall and Company Limited
    SPT: Steel, Peech and Tozer, The Ickles, Rotherham
    TRM: Templeborough Rolling Mills
    WK: Workington Iron and Steel Company
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  • Operations research
  • Steel industry and trade -- Great Britain
  • The original lists of the memoranda and 'yellow reports' are currently available in electronic form.