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  • 1835-1962
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  • Papers re left-wing political activities, mainly Trotskyist, including material of British Section of the International Left Opposition and of Communist League of America / Workers' Party; ephemeral publications, press-cuttings, and some correspondence, 1927-55.
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  • Henry Sara was born in 1886. Attracted early to social ideals, with the advent of war in 1914 Sara aligned himself with the anti-militarists. Following a campaign of public meetings he was arrested and conscripted, and his continued refusal to submit to army discipline resulted in his imprisonment. After the war, Sara visited both the USA and the USSR, and despite having some misgivings, he joined the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1922 or 1923. Sara became a popular speaker of some standing within the Party, but his own independence of thought and criticism of its leaders led him into direct conflict with them. His association with other "dissidents", including Reg Groves and Harry Wicks led to his being expelled from the Party in 1932. Sara aligned himself with the Balham Group, working actively with them. During this time, Sara also worked as a lecturer-organiser with the National Council of Labour Colleges. Towards the end of his life, he became a temporary employee of the Post Office, whilst still remaining active in the Labour movement. He died, after a year of ill-health, in 1953.
    Frank Maitland was a friend of Sara's, and acted as his executor.
    Reference: Obituary of Sara by Reg Groves in 'Socialist Leader' (28 November 1953).
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