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  • MSS.78/OS/4/1/5
  • 1838-1843
  • Item
  • Fortnightly returns for 9 Sep 1841-1 Jun 1843. Returns dated from Craven Head Tavern, Drury Lane, London, from 23 Sep 1841.
    Also includes: printed circular from the Dorchester Committee (in support of the families of the Tolpuddle Martyrs), 20 Aug 1838; printed balance sheet and report of Glasgow Trades' Committee (in support of Glasgow cotton-spinners imprisoned on conspiracy charges), 28 Jun 1838; printed accounts and balance sheet of London Trades' Combination Committee [to present evidence on trade unions to the Parliamentary Committee, see MSS.78/OS/4/1/4], 13 Aug 1838; printed "Corrected Black List... for Operative Masons in England, Ireland and Scotland", 20 May 1841 (with manuscript annotations); printed notice "Strike at the New Houses of Parliament" by Operative Stone Masons, c 4 Oct 1841; printed circular "The Stone Masons on strike against the inhumanity of Grisell and Peto..." (including list of donations received and report of public meeting), 6 Nov 1841; printed circulars, "The Stone Masons on strike, from the new Houses of Parliament... to the Trades of Great Britain and Ireland" (including list of donations received, minutes of delegates' meetings, reports of other meetings), 23 Nov, 8 Dec, 22 Dec 1841, 4 Jan, 19 Jan, 2 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 16 Mar, 30 Mar [out of chronological sequence: follows circular dated 11 May], 13 Apr, 27 Apr [out of chronological sequence: follows circular dated 30 Mar], 11 May, 25 May 1842; printed circular appealing for contributions for the widow of John Martin of Penryn, 21 Apr 1841; printed "Address on the strike of the Masons from the New Houses of Parliament, etc., etc. Spoken by a Mason at the Victoria Theatre", 16 Dec 1841; "An address spoken at the Royal Victoria Theatre... for the benefit of the orphan of the late William Thomas, Stone Mason", 7 Dec 1842; United Operative Masons' Friendly Society, annual report 1840-1; minutes of delegate meeting, Sep 1841; printed circular, "To the United Operative Masons of Scotland" (for support for Glasgow strikers), 20 Jun 1842; printed "Address of the Central Committee to the Masons of England and Wales" (calling for support for Glasgow strikers) [undated, c 14 Jul 1842]; printed circular from Nottingham lodge re Central Committee's refusal to insert resolutions in 'Return', 20 Jul 1842; printed "Proposed alterations in the existing laws of the Society", 4 May 1843; printed circular issued by Committee raising funds for an asylum for aged and infirm masons - the Masons' Provident Institution, 28 Aug 1843.
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