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  • This collection contains: 7 reports relating to NATO's operation 'Firm Endeavour' in Bosnia and Herzegovina produced by the Operational Analysis Branch, Headquarters, Allied Command Europe, Rapid Reaction Corps, Germany, 1995-1998.
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  • The Operational Analysis Branch (OAB) was an integral part of the Headquarters, Allied Command Europe (ACE) Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) in Germany. It was deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 1995 with Operation 'Firm Endeavour'. The aim of the operation was to oversee and implement the military aspects of the internationally agreed peace accord. There were two campaign monitoring tasks: monitoring the compliance of the former warring factions with the general framework agreement for peace; and monitoring the return to normality. It remained until November 1996. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the OAB was a small unit of five: three civilian analysts, one military officer and one non-commissioned officer. A small rear detachment was maintained in Germany, liaising with agencies in the United Kingdom. Throughout the year the OAB was augmented with short term placements (6 week periods) from the UK, Canada, and the NATO Consultation Command and Control Agency. The OAB's mission was to support the Land Component Commander of IFOR (the NATO-led Implementation Force). In particular it was 'to give independent analytical and scientific advice to the Commander to aid his decision-making over the spectrum of ARRC activities.'
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