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  • This section contains official papers of the Burnham Committees and their Teachers' Panels: agenda, agenda papers, minutes and verbatim reports of meetings. It does not generally contain official correspondence, which was too intermingled with NUT correspondence to be separated and has thus been included in NUT correspondence files.
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  • The Burnham Committees were statutory bodies established in 1919 and were abandoned in 1987 following the Teachers' Pay and Conditions Act 1987. Their function was to consider the salaries paid to teachers in all branches of the profession below university level. There were a number of separate committees dealing with different aspects of the teaching profession and two major reorganisations, in 1944 and 1965. These different committees are described individually below. Each committee comprised an Authorities (later Management) Panel, made up of representatives of the employers' organisations, and a Teachers' Panel, made up of representatives of the teaching unions. The chairman was neutral and was appointed by the President of the Board of Education (later the Secretary of State for Education). The general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, as by far the largest teaching union, held the joint secretaryship of the main Burnham Committees and the leadership of their Teachers' Panels for most of their existence. For this reason, many records of the committee are part of the NUT archive.
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