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  • 2005-2006
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  • In 2006, the pamphlet was reprinted in the collection 'Tell it like it is: how our schools fail black children'. Includes comment by Gus John on Government White Paper 'Higher Standards, Better Schools for All'; "From Supplementary Schools to Full-Time Schools, From 'Parental Involvement' to Parental (and Community) Control", by Bernard Coard, c.2005; Contribution from Paul Mackney to the Conference for Principals, Governors and Human Resource Directors on Black Teachers in Further Education, Lewisham College, 15 Mar 1999; leaflet re John 'Chalky' Ventour, Committee for Human Rights in Grenada; 'The Grenada 17: the last of the cold war prisoners?', Amnesty International; "Race, ethnicity and education under New Labour", by Sally Tomlinson, 'Oxford Review of Education', vol.31, no.1, Mar 2005; 'How the West Indian Child is made Educationally Subnormal in the British Education System: The scandal of the Black Child in Schools in Britain', by Bernard Coard, Caribbean Education and Community Workers' Association, 1971 (copy); "It Takes a Nation of Millions (and a particular kind of education system) to Hold Us Back", by David Gillborn.
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