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  • MSS.21/3021-3035
  • [1938 - 1939]
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  • All handbills and broadsheets unless otherwise specified. 'The capitalist wolf' (/3021); 'No war for Warsaw!' (/3022); 'Our fight is your fight' (/3023); 'Our peace policy', by Sir Oswald Mosley, reprinted from 'Action' (/3024); 'Will you die for Poles...' (/3025); 'The British Union stands for trade unionism' (/3026); 'Yes! Fascism fights!', Leaflet No.109 (/3027); 'You would be at war now...' (/3028); 'Mosley's four point policy for peace' (/3029); 'None shall stuff while others starve' (/3030); 'Press conspiracy' (/3031); 'In this high purpose we guard the child' (/3032); 'Trade unionists!You are the victims' (/3033); 'Farmer or financier? A policy for agriculture', leaflet by Mosley (/3034); 'Right about turn!', leaflet (/3035).
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