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  • MSS.15X/1/151/20
  • Jan-Dec 1930
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  • Jan 1930. Includes: G. Allison, 'Economic struggles and the minority movement'; William Rust, 'Communist Party congress at Leeds'; 'The speech of the prosecutor in the Meerut case'; Freda Utley, 'Capitalism and class struggle in Japan'; E.R. Roux, 'The recent events in South Africa'.
    Feb 1930. Includes: John A. Mahon, 'The world crisis and trade unionism'; T.J. Bell, 'The situation in Ireland'; 'The speech of the prosecutor in the Meerut case'; Freda Utley, 'Capitalism and class struggle in Japan'.
    Mar 1930. Includes: J.A. Mahon, 'The new role of the Minority Movement'; F. Thomson, 'The seamen's strike'; A. Eaglesham, 'Bible and bayonet in Western Samoa'; J.B., 'The class character of the Palestine rising'; G.W. Sinfield, 'The workers' sports movement'; Reg Groves, 'Marx and the Labour Parliament of 1854'; 'The speech of the prosecutor in the Meerut case'.
    Apr 1930. Includes: R. Page Arnot, 'The economic and political crisis'; Harry Pollitt, 'The struggle ahead of us'; Joseph Stalin, 'Many are made dizzy by successes'; 'Model statutes for a collective farm'; R.W. Robson, 'Prepare for May 1'; J.B., 'The class character of the Palestine rising'.
    May 1930. Includes: Clemens Dutt, 'Some lessons of the woollen textile struggle'; Hugo Rathbone, 'The unemployment and May Day'; J.R. Scott, 'The fight of the engineering workers'; Red Groves, 'Folded arms!'; N. Lenin, 'War and the national question'.
    Jun 1930. Includes: Clemens Dutt, 'The Indian national revolution'; John A. Mahon, 'The woollen strike and the struggle for power'; D.J. Parsons, 'Finance-capital and the Coal Bill'; Freda Utley, 'The world crisis in textiles'; George Padmore, 'The revolt in Haiti'; P.G., 'The negro question'.
    Jul 1930. Includes: R. Page Arnot, 'The Simon Commission report'; William Rust, 'The economic crisis of British imperialism'; Shapurji Saklatvala, 'Who is this Gandhi?'; Hugo Rathbone, 'The place of the peasantry in the Indian revolution'; Percy Glading, 'The growth of the Indian strike movement, 1919-29'; John A. Mahon, 'Strike experiences of the British Minority Movement'.
    Aug 1930. Includes: N. Lenin, 'Disarmament'; L. Madyar, 'The present crisis and the move towards war'; Hugo Rathbone, 'The intelligentsia and the war'; T.H. Wintringham, 'Modern aeroplanes and the next war'; Allen Hutt, '"Preparedness" in the border states'; F. Heckert, 'The attack on the German workers'.
    Sep 1930. Includes: R. Page Arnot, 'The Empire "solution" for unemployment'; V. Chattopadhyaya, 'Faked Indian statistics as imperialist propaganda'; Maurice Ferguson, 'Lessons of the seamen's struggle'; Stewart Smith, 'The general election in Canada'; B. McIntosh, 'A revolutionary municipal policy'.
    Oct 1930. Includes: Harry Pollitt, 'The Nottingham Trade Union Congress'; William Rust, 'The meaning of the Labour Party conference'; Hugo Rathbone, 'Australia under orders'; Tom Thomas, 'The new theatre in the Soviet Union'; Joseph Stalin, 'The national question in the USSR'.
    Nov 1930. Includes: R. Palme Dutt, 'Fascism, Empire and the Labour Party'; William Rust, 'Parties and policies in Britain'; Stewart Purkis, 'Danger ahead'; Dan Richards, 'Soviet dumping and the wheat pools'; A. Morgan, 'Canada and the Empire'; Maurice Dobb, 'Writers on Soviet Russia'; Harold Heslop, 'The working class and the novel'.
    Dec 1930. Includes: Shapurji Saklatvala, 'The Indian round-table conference'; Joan Beauchamp, 'The Soviet farm-worker'; T.H. Wintringham, 'The crime of R101'; Leslie Morris, 'Canada and the Imperial Conference'; J.B. (Jerusalem), 'The new wave of revolt in Egypt'.
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