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  • 771/3/3
  • 1971-2001
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  • 'A Draft Outline of a Pamphlet - A Battle for Power - The Motor Industry Crisis in Britain 1975-6', published by Red Notes, c. 100 pages, 1976.
    'What is the MIR?', document originally prepared by the Central Committee of the Clandestine MIR in December 1974 and reproduced by MIR Britain, 22 pages, August 1977.
    'Chile: News From the Resistance - English Bulletin of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (M.I.R.) of Chile', 64 pages, 1979.
    '35 Hours - More Jobs, More Leisure' by the National Research Centre, AMW&SU (Australian Metalworkers and Shipwright Union), 19 pages, 1980.
    'Race Today', vol. 14, no. 3 with cover headlines 'Black workers at Fords' and 'Migrants under Mitterand', May/June 1982.
    'People Before profit - The Socialist Alliance Manifesto for the General Election', 20 pages, 2001.
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