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  • MSS.244/2/2/15
  • 1977-1979
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  • Includes: 'College Rank and File' (NATFHE), Nov 1977, Summer, Autumn 1978, Spring 1979; 'NALGO Action News', May, Aug 1977, 1978 ('Social Worker Strike Special'), Dec [1978] /Jan [1979], Mar/Apr 1979; 'Rank and File' / 'Rank and File Teacher' (NUT classroom teachers), May 1977, Feb 1978, Feb 1979 (with Salaries Bulletin); 'Hospital Worker', Feb/Mar 1977, Oct 1978, Jan 1979.
    NALGO Action Group pamphlets / specials: 'Wanted shop stewards', by Carole Blake, undated [1978?]; 'End low pay in NALGO' [1978]; 'What is NALGO? An ABC guide' by Paul Bream [1977?];
    'Rank and File' pamphlet, 'Class size and the relationship between Official and Unofficial Action in the NUT', 1977.
    'Fightback' pamphlets: 'Fightback against cuts in the health service', [1979?]; 'Private medicine: Can your health afford it?', [1979?].
    'Women's Voice' pamphlet: 'Blackmailed back to work: The campaign for better maternity leave in NALGO', [1977?].
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