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  • MSS.159/3/C/a/128
  • 1942-1943
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  • In English.
    'Fight for Freedom memorandum no.1: German peace aims 1914-1918', by Dr Curt Geyer, Jun 1943; 'What do you know? An address to the London Rotary Club on July 29, 1942 by Lord Vansittart'; 'Lessons of my life: A speech delivered by Lord Vansittart to the Dutch "Pro Patria" Society in London on June 16, 1942'; 'The imputation theory is right', reprint of article from 'News from Belgium', 29 May 1943; 'Fight for Freedom memorandum no.2: The influence of President Wilson's declaration on Germany in 1918', by Bernhard Menne, Jul 1943; article on German propaganda by Bo Enander, originally published in Swedish weekly 'Nu', 16 Jul 1943; 'The ideas of natural law and humanity in world politics' by Ernst Troeltsch, undated.
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