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  • 1924-1998
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  • This collection contains: rules and files on rules amendment and revision, [?1937]-1979 ; records of federal assemblies and sectional and unitary annual delegate conferences, 1936-1952; correspondence and subject files, 1924-1956; 'Taxes' journal, 'Assessment' newspaper and other publications,1938-1998.
  • 23 boxes (12 [MSS.297], 9 [MSS.415], 2 [600])
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  • The Inland Revenue Staff Federation was formed in 1936 as a loose federation between the Association of Officers of Taxes (formed in 1892) and the National Association of Assessors and Collectors of Taxes (formed in 1904). The Valuation Office Clerical Association (formed in 1919) joined the IRSF in 1937 and in 1938 the three constitutent unions decided to amalgamate, retaining the the IRSF title. On 1 January 1996 the IRSF amalgamated with the National Union of Civil and Public Servants (NUCPS) to form the Public Services, Tax and Commerce Union (PTC), under plans agreed in October 1994.

    Reference: Arthur Marsh and Victoria Ryan, 'Historical Directory of Trade Unions', Vol 1 (1988).
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  • The Centre also holds records of the National Union of Civil and Public Servants, the Public Services, Tax and Commerce Union and other predecessors of the Public and Commercial Services Union, as well as the PCSU itself.
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