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  • 995/3
  • Jan-Dec 1970
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  • Vol.8, nos. 3-8, 10 include: 'Peru 1965: Notes on a guerrilla experience' by Hector Bejar.
    Vol.8, no.11 includes: report of Oxford Women's Liberation Conference.
    Vol.8, no.13 includes: interview with Eamonn McCann, Northern Ireland civil rights leader.
    Vol.8, no.14 includes: correspondence between the Peruvian Trotskyist Hugo Blanco and author José María Arguedas; interview with Malachy McGurran, Irish Republican.
    Vol.8, nos.19-20 include: reports on USA student strike in response to the Kent State University killings and protests against the Vietnam War.
    Vol.8, no.22 includes: interview with Douglas Bravo, Venezuelan guerrilla leader.
    Vol.8, no.23 includes: review of report on the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War.
    Vol.8, no.29 includes: interview with Cathal Goulding, chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).
    Vol.8, nos.30-31 include: interview with Irish Republican leaders in the Falls Road, Belfast.
    Vol.8, no.33 includes: 'Observations of Kolkhoz life in the USSR today', extract from book by Andrei Amalrik; 'What I saw in Belfast and Derry City' by Gerry Foley.
    Vol.8, no.34 includes: 'More eyewitness accounts of massacre in Jordan'.
    Vol.8, no.38 includes: interview with Tomas Mac Giolla, President of Sinn Fein.
    Vol.8, no.39 includes: interview with Abu Samer, representative of the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
    Vol.8, no.43: index to 1970 issues.
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