Reference number
  • MSS.157/5/J/1-8
  • 1933- 1944
  • Item
  • Sir Oswald Mosley, 'Fascism is not anti-semitic!', Jewish Economic Forum, p.8. [Also circulated in leaflet form.] 1933 [MSS.157/5/J/1]
    Hints to London editors by Joseph Bannister, 2nd edition, 4 pages, pamphlet [anti-semitic and racist]. 1933 [MSS.157/5/J/2]
    What of the Jews?, by S. Goldberg, Independent Labour Party, 16 pages. 1940s [MSS.157/5/J/3]
    Whither Zionism?, by A. Ben-Israel, Hashomer Hatzair Organisation-GB, 16 pages. [MSS.157/5/J/4]
    Duplicated text of speech by Sir Wyndham Deedes, on a Jewish national home in Palestine, 1944 [MSS.157/5/J/5]
    'The problem of statelessness' by R. Grampner, published by British Section of World Jewish Congress, 40 pages. 1944 [MSS.157/5/J/6]
    The World's Children, sent as it includes review of 'Jewish youth comes home' by Norman Bentwich.1944 [MSS.157/5/J/7/1-2]
    British Association for the Jewish National Home in Palestine: 3 page 'Memorandum', in response to article by Dr Maude Royden [nonconformist minister] on 'Arab Palestine'. 1944 [MSS.157/5/J/8]
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