Reference number
  • MSS.157/5/G/1-5
  • 1944
  • Item
  • 'Summary of facts and developments': 10 page duplicated compilation. [MSS.157/5/G/1]
    Separate copies of some items included above. [MSS.157/5/G/2]
    Otto Lehmann-Russbueldt, London W9: circular letter no.15, criticising Free German Movement. [MSS.157/5/G/3]
    The Church and the people, broadcasts by Protestant and Catholic clergymen to the German people, 12 pages, duplicated. [MSS.157/5/G/4]
    The Network, no.5, New York, 'Expositional Bulletin on Stalinist Organizations and Organizational Forms'; this issue devoted to analysis of Free German Movement. [MSS.157/5/G/5]
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