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  • 937/3/14/1
  • Autumn 1958
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  • Includes: 'The habit of violence' (extracts from essays written by secondary school girls in West London re the Notting Hill riots); Gordon Redfern, 'The real outrage'; Charles Taylor, 'Alienation and community'; John Harlow, 'One new town'; 'Impressions of two new towns' (Harlow and Crawley); Greta Duncan and Roy Wilkie, 'Glasgow adolescents'; Stuart Hall, 'A sense of classlessness'; Richard Hoggart, 'BBC and ITV after three years'; Audrey and Kit Coppard, 'The lively medium?' (TV); Brian Jackson, 'Report from a country school'; Raymond Williams, 'The press the people want'; Norman Birnbaum, 'Social constraints and academic freedom'; Michael Barratt-Brown, 'The controllers'; Norman MacKenzie, 'The economics of prosperity'; Ralph Samuel, 'New authoritarianism - new left'; 'Scarborough exhibition - the mass persuaders' (advertising); reviews of Raymond Williams' 'Culture and society, 1780-1950' and Boris Pasternak's 'Doctor Zhivago'.
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