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  • MSS.126/EB/X/17
  • 1937 - 1940
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  • From and to Hubert Beaumont, honorary secretary, Society of Labour Candidates, 2 and 4 Feb 1937: Bevin's message to the Society's annual meeting on ways to strengthen both the industrial and political sides of the labour movement (MSS.126/EB/X/17/1-5).

    Triennial congress of the International Transportworkers' Federation, 18-24 Aug 1935: agenda and proposals submitted (MSS.126/EB/X/17/6-10).

    From and to W N Ewer, 'Daily Herald', 2 and 9 May, 29 Jun 1937: memorandum on armaments industry sent by Ewer to Bevin (not present) and Bevin's view that such a scheme could only work with complete state control of the industry (MSS.126/EB/X/17/7-11).

    From and to Sir Walter Citrine and Joseph Donovan, TGWU Area No 4 financial administrator, 8-11 Jun 1937: attitude of South Wales Miners' Federation and Trades Union Congress to South Wales Regional Council of Labour (MSS.126/EB/X/17/12-19)

    Notes for speech at Works Management Association banquet, 22 Jan 1937 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/20-24).

    'The wider issues of health legislation in industry', paper by Bevin for section of medical sociology at annual meeting of British Medical Association, 1937 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/25-28).

    From and to Frank S Stuart, 9 and 16 Sep 1937: suggestion that Bevin publish his memoirs (declined) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/29-30).

    From and to Fank Pannifer, Joseph Harrison and Watson Collin and Company, 13-20 Jan 1937: auditing of accounts of the Transport Workers' Children's Outing Society (MSS.126/EB/X/17/31-37).

    From and to Sir William Firth and Clement Attlee, 19 and 22 Apr 1940: facts concerning financing of Firth's company and his wish that they be confirmed by an enquiry (more than one copy of some letters) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/38-41, 438-447).

    From and to Basil Sanderson, 5, 6 and 8 Jan 1937: suggested meeting between Bevin and A Duff Cooper [Secretary of State for War] to discuss Army and Territorial recruitment (declined by Bevin) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/42-45).

    From N Nathans, secretary, International Transportworkers' Federation, 6 Jan 1937: enclosing letter to Sir Walter Citrine on motor drivers' working hours (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/46-47).

    From Arthur Creech Jones, 11 Feb 1937: enclosing report by W G Ballinger for Friends of Africa on building up trade union organisation among native people in South Africa, 9 Jan 1937 (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/48-55).

    From Arthur Creech Jones, 23 Nov 1937: circular from W Ormsby Gore to colonial governments on issues arising from replies to Prime Minister's circular requesting review of arrangements for supervision of employment conditions, 24 Aug (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/55A-59).

    From and to Lord Horder, 10, 16 and 18 Sep 1937: need for closer co-operation between manual workers and the medical and other professions in addressing health, economic and social problems (MSS.126/EB/X/17/60-63).

    From and to Dr W S C Copeman, Dr H B Morgan and J L Smyth, 15 Jun-13 Jul 1937: dinner with Lord Horder and Sir Frank Fox; need for rheumatism specialist's service under National Health Insurance Act (MSS.126/EB/X/17/64-68).

    From and to Charles Lindley, Svenska Transportarbetareforbundet, Stockholm, 17 and 20 Jan 1937: legislation in Sweden concerning paid holidays (MSS.126/EB/X/17/69-72).

    From and to Sir Thomas Phillips, Ministry of Labour, 18-19 Oct 1939: statement of total estimated expenditure on building works in Britain during four quarters ending 30 Sep 1940 (not present) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/73-75).

    To A Baghurst, Lydney, 18 Nov 1937: award of pension to George Powell following conversation with Sir William Firth (MSS.126/EB/X/17/76).

    Draft memorandum on suggested production programme for documentary, educational and electioneering films to be made by the Strand Film Company Limited (MSS.126/EB/X/17/77-82).

    From Miss O D Spicer, Institute of Labour Management, 27 Apr1937: invitation to speak on wider issues of health legislation in industry at medical sociology section of British Medical Association meeting (MSS.126/EB/X/17/83).

    Paper read at above meeting by Leonard P Lockhart, medical officer, Boots Pure Drug Company Limited and chairman, Association of Industrial Medical Officers, Jul 1937 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/84-85).

    To and from Basil Sanderson, 28 Nov, 6-7 Dec 1938: Sanderson's suggestions to bring about better co-ordination of government orders from industry; Sir John Anderson's proposed Voluntary National Register and the distribution of labour (MSS.126/EB/X/17/86, 352-354).

    From and to N Nathans and Edo Fimmen, International Transportworkers' Federation, Clement Attlee, James Middleton and Sir Walter Citrine, 22 Feb-8 Mar 1937: possibility of Spanish government accepting outside mediation to end the Spanish Civil War (MSS.126/EB/X/17/87-96).

    From Sir Samuel Hoare, Home Secretary, 9 Sep 1937: extension of ban on political processions in the East End of London to prevent clashes between Fascists and anti-Fascists (MSS.126/EB/X/17/97-100).

    From and to secretary of Sir William Firth, Joseph Harrison and Fred Potter: donation by Firth to Transport Workers' Children's Outing Society (MSS.126/EB/X/17/101-104).

    From and to F Leggett, 24 and 28 Apr 1938: progress of Road Wages Bill and possibility of applying its 'C' licence provisions to distribution industry; Leggett's chairmanship of International Labour Office (MSS.126/EB/X/17/105-108).

    To and from Emil Ludwig, Switzerland, 3 and 9 February 1938: German and British national characters and anti-Semitism (MSS.126/EB/X/17/109-114).

    To and from Lester B Wilson, acting editor, 'Sunday Dispatch', 11 and 14 Oct 1937: article on likelihood of Bevin becoming Labour Party leader, 10 Oct (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/115-119).

    From and to David H Loch and D Shuckburgh, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 7 and 12 Sep 1938: date of Bevin's address to British Commonwealth Relations Conference (MSS.126/EB/X/17/120-122).

    Card of Arthur J Altmeyer, chairman, Social Security Board, Washington DC (MSS.126/EB/X/17/123).

    To and from Captain A G Latta, Canadian Pacific Steamships Limited, 9 and 13 Jun 1938: offer of Canadian Pacific Railway to convey Bevin and his wife across Canada on their trip to Australia via Vancouver (two copies of itinerary and diary attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/124-127).

    From secretary, Maritime Transport Council (Employees), Sydney, 21 Jun 1938: offer of services during Bevin's visit to Australia (MSS.126/EB/X/17/128).

    From and to Basil Sanderson, 17 and 20 Jun 1938: letters of introduction for Bevin in Wellington and Sydney (not present) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/129-130).

    From and to Ivison S Macadam and Viscount Astor, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 9, 22 and 30 Apr 1938: invitation to Bevin to attend British Commonwealth Relations Conference in Sydney (MSS.126/EB/X/17/131-133).

    To A Shaw, National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers, 27 Sep 1938: need to delay fixing wages of employees of 'C' licence operators under Road Haulage Wages Act until wage boards established and 'A' and 'B' licence wages fixed (MSS.126/EB/X/17/134-135).

    From and to A E Huart, TGWU organiser, Gibraltar, Arthur Creech Jones, Malcolm MacDonald and others: proposed 48-hour working week for employees of Gibraltar Public Works Department, May 1935, Nov 1937-Nov 1938 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/136-150).

    From Dr I Steinberg, "Freeland" League for Jewish Territorial Colonisation, 29 Nov 1938: thanks for Bevin's sympathy on the issue of Jewish immigration into Australia (MSS.126/EB/X/17/151-152).

    From Arthur Creech Jones to Ivy Saunders [Bevin's secretary], undated: arrangement of meeting between Bevin and Dr I Steinberg on proposed scheme for immigration of Jews into Kimberley Division of Western Australia (description of scheme, 19 Nov 1938, attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/153-154).

    From and to R T E Lathan, 22 and 24 Nov 1938: their disagreement in debate at Chatham House on attitude of Australian government to invasion of Manchuria; role of Australia and other Dominions in world affairs (MSS.126/EB/X/17/155-158).

    From and to Dick Stokes, 22, 28 Sep and 3 Oct 1939: Stokes' suggestions of an all-party delegation to Moscow and a European armistice conference (proposed terms, 18 Sep, attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/159-164).

    Two different copies of memorandum 'The development of our war potential', using example of artillery programme in World War I, 16 Sep 1939 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/166-195).

    To Leslie Burgin, [Ministry of Supply], from "WTL", 6 Feb 1940: need for census of employment in factories of the sort organised by writer and Sir William Beveridge during World War I (MSS.126/EB/X/17/196-197, another copy at 195).

    From Margaret E Cleeve, secretary for library and publications, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 23 Feb 1939: publication and use of Bevin's remarks on importance of international economic collaboration (two copies, one annotated, attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/198-203).

    Statement on unfair advantage given to railway companies by the pooling scheme of the Road and Rail Transport Act, Northern Ireland, 1935, 20 Jul 1938 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/204-205).

    From and to Olive M Aldridge, secretary, Land Nationalisation Society, 9-10 Jun 1938: invitation to Bevin to become a vice-president (accepted) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/206-207).

    From George ?, 22 Mar 1939: memorandum prepared by research co-ordination committee of the Engineers' Study Group on Economics and other bodies on proposals for revision of the Special Areas Act (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/208-223).

    To and from the Duke of Devonshire and Sir John Hope Simpson, 10, 14 and 17 Feb 1939: correspondence between Bevin and John Curtin on Jewish immigration into Australia (not present) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/224-227).

    From and to E G Machtig, Dominions Office, 7,11 and 17 Jan 1939: invitation to Bevin to attend meeting of Oversea Settlement Board to give his views on migration affecting Australia arising from his recent visit (MSS.126/EB/X/17/228-231).

    From and to Lionel Curtis, 6 and 11 Jul 1939: leader in 'Sydney Morning Herald' on Bevin's speech on international affairs at the Labour Party conference, 3 Jun (attached); Bevin's view of the pressing need to prepare for a peace economy (MSS.126/EB/X/17/232-236).

    From and to James Middleton, secretary, Labour Party, 12, 16 Jun, 1 Jul 1939: invitation to Bevin to meet Labour Party representatives to consider the issues raised in Bevin's speech on international affairs at the Labour Party conference and draft the outlines of a peace policy (MSS.126/EB/X/17/237-240).

    From Lord Lothian, 3 Aug 1939: suggesting amendments to Bevin's address on international affairs (MSS.126/EB/X/17/241-243).

    Draft message by Bevin to the press on visit by Montagu Norman [Governor of the Bank of England] to Germany showing the need for public control of the City of London, undated (MSS.126/EB/X/17/244-245).

    From and to L H Green, secretary, Provender and Compound Food Manufacturers' Federation, 10 and 14 May 1938: opposition to proposed extension of powers of Potato Marketing Board to make potatoes into cattle food (copy letter to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 5 May, attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/246-249).

    To J L Smyth, secretary, social insurance department, Trades Union Congress general council, 31 Jan 1938: return and copying of papers concerning alternative employment for injured workmen and safety in mining industry (not present) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/250).

    From and to F Oldenbrook, International Transportworkers' Federation, 21 and 28 Dec 1938, forwarded to Miss F Hancock, TGWU Area No 3: works doctors in Germany (MSS.126/EB/X/17/251-253).

    From and to F W Thornton, Hambros Bank Limited, P Dollan, Lord Provost of Glasgow, and others, 23 Dec 1938-7 Jan 1939: arrangement of meetings to discuss Thornton's interest in providing financial assistance to industries in distressed areas, in particular Inverawe Quarry, Oban (MSS.126/EB/X/17/254-259, 286-287).

    From and to Alderman James Crump, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, and M Nicholson, Ministry of Labour, 3-16 Jan 1939: formation of National Service Committee in Birmingham (MSS.126/EB/X/17/260-269).

    From and to A S Firth, 16-18 Jan 1939: appeal to Bevin to seek Labour Party leadership (MSS.126/EB/X/17/270-273).

    From and to John Twomey, 25-26 Jan 1939: debt owed by A E Morris, TGWU divisional officer (MSS.126/EB/X/17/274-275).

    To and from Dr J Richmond, 1 and 3 Feb 1939: drug for treating pneumonia (MSS.126/EB/X/17/276-278).

    To Arthur Creech Jones, 7 Feb 1939: enclosing copy of letter from John Curtin (not present) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/279).

    From and to John Paton, secretary, National Council for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, 16 Jan-2 Feb 1939: request to include Bevin in signatories to letter to Home Secretary and the press urging that abolition of death penalty be included in Criminal Justice Bill (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/280-285).

    From and to Frank Bailey, general secretary, National Union of Railwaymen's Approved Society, 8 and 10 Feb 1939: organisation of campaign by and on behalf of old age pensioners (MSS.126/EB/X/17/288-290).

    From and to Syd Wyn, 9 and 13 Feb 1939: memorandum by Guy Hunter of the Gas Light and Coke Company on trade unions' role in enhancing national productivity, air raid precautions and national service (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/291-295).

    From and to H V Hodson, The Round Table, 14-16 Feb 1939: attitude of trade unionists to idea of visiting Germany in order to promote peace (MSS.126/EB/X/17/296-299).

    From and to J Leslie Orr, Urwick, Orr and Partners Limited, management consultants, and J Blewitt, TGWU Area No 5 secretary, 13-17 Feb 1939: arrangement of meeting on recognition of TGWU as sole union at new Wednesbury plant of Henry Hope and Sons of Smethwick (MSS.126/EB/X/17/300-310).

    Trades Union Congress holidays with pay committee papers, and memorandum on holiday camps by Arthur Creech Jones, organising secretary, Workers' Travel Association Limited, 3 Mar-24 Apr 1939 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/311-324).

    From and to J White, TGWU Area No 8 secretary, 14-20 Mar 1939: copy of letter from farmer in South West Africa describing contempt for British foreign policy there, 23 Mar 1939 (three copies attached and others forwarded to Clement Attlee, Sir Walter Citrine and James Middleton) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/325-341).

    From Clement Attlee, 15 May 1940: congratulations on appointment as Minister of Labour and National Service (MSS.126/EB/X/17/342).

    To Harry Edwards, 16 May 1940: TGWU officials and staff to continue working as before (MSS.126/EB/X/17/343).

    Memorandum on government treatment of British and neutral shipping sent by E H Watts to Emanuel Shinwell to force a debate in the House of Commons, nd (MSS.126/EB/X/17/344-348).

    Memorandum on international air force to aid Finland, [1940] (MSS.126/EB/X/17/349-351).

    From and to A Meadon, former manager of Pelican Press, and Lord Southwood, Odhams Press, 12 Jun-11 Jul 1939: Meadon's hardships due to his disability (MSS.126/EB/X/17/352-359).

    To Arthur Greenwood, 11 Sep 1939: need for amendment of certain defence regulations (MSS.126/EB/X/17/360-361).

    From and to B Seebohm Rowntree, 12 and 29 Dec 1939: Rowntree's memorandum urging that all efforts to improve living standards should temporarily be set aside in the interests of state (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/362-367).

    From and to John Maynard Keynes, 22 and 25 Jan 1940: Keynes' memorandum 'Paying for the war' (attached) to be presented to Trades Union Congress committee (MSS.126/EB/X/17/368-374).

    From Mr Davies, 31 May and 9 May 1939: Davies' memoranda on the international situation and the protection of reservoirs (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/375-389).

    To Pattinson and Brewer, solicitors, 13 Jun 1939: denying truth of story by Trevor Evans in 'Daily Express' about his supposed remarks to Montagu Norman (MSS.126/EB/X/17/390-391).

    Telegram from James Middleton, 3 Jul 1939: fixing of date (MSS.126/EB/X/17/392).

    To and from S Lister, Cunard White Star Limited, 30 Jun-31 Aug 1939: Bevin's appreciation of services provided on S S 'Britannic' on trip across Atlantic (MSS.126/EB/X/17/393-396).

    Statement to the press giving correction to report about threat to busmen's paid holiday and rest periods, 10 Jul 1939 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/397).

    To and from Neville Chamberlain, 11 and 14 Mar 1940: Bevin's criticisms of the past and current record of the Ministry of Transport and his suggestions for improving the national transport system, with related notes on points for discussion with Winston Churchill, 11 Apr, attached (MSS.126/EB/X/17/398-406).

    From and to Lord Baldwin of Bewdley [Stanley Baldwin], 3 and 9 Jan 1940: good wishes; Bevin's responsibilities; possible meeting (MSS.126/EB/X/17/407-409).

    From and to Clement Attlee, 24, 26 and 30 Jan 1940: high food prices caused by rates charged by Ministry of Shipping to Ministry of Food; appointment of anti-labour Lord Lithgow to promote shipbuilding during the war (MSS.126/EB/X/17/410-412).

    Inquiry into conduct of TGWU official during dispute at flour mill over bank holiday working, nd (MSS.126/EB/X/17/413-415).

    Memorandum on power of Minister of Labour to make regulations adapting statutory system of trade boards to war-time conditions (MSS.126/EB/X/17/416-417).

    From George Chester, general secretary, National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives, 8 Dec 1939: satisfactory nature of sample army boot sent to him for inspection (MSS.126/EB/X/17/418-420).

    From Frank Pannifer, 28 Nov 1939: TGWU internal memorandum acknowledging receipt of certificate of deduction of income tax concerning Transport Workers' Children's Outing Fund (MSS.126/EB/X/17/421).

    From and to Sir Edward Peacock and Israel Sieff, 3 and 7 May 1940: record of proceedings at dinner on 24 Apr to discuss means of reasserting Christian values in Britain (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/422-427).

    From W H Emerson, TGWU Area No 10 secretary, Grimsby, 10 May 1940: forwarding statement to Minister of Shipping on trade of Great Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham, copy of covering letter from A J Weaver, secretary of Great Grimsby Incorporated Chamber of Commerce and Shipping, and plan of Immingham docks (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/428-437).

    From and to Harold Butler, 25 and 29 April 1940: Butler's memorandum on International Labour Office after the war, drawn up for industrial committee of League of Nations Union (attached) and invitation to Bevin to attend meeting about it (MSS.126/EB/X/17/448-453).

    Pages 2 and 3 of legal opinion on provision for specified classes in Insurance Act 1935 by Sir William Jowitt, 18 May 1937 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/454-455).

    From and to E Wimble, secretary and general manager, Workers' Travel Association Limited, 23-24 Nov 1939: Wimble's memorandum on possible exchange visits between British and French trade unionists (attached), copies also sent to J W Bowen and Sir Walter Citrine (MSS.126/EB/X/17/456-459).

    Amended draft of constitution of National Council for the Omnibus Industry (excluding municipal undertakings and the London Passenger Transport Board), 13 Nov 1939 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/460-463).

    To Sir Walter Citrine, 5 Jan 1940: enclosing copy of letter from Edo Fimmen, International Transportworkers' Federation, summarising various reports on conditions in Germany (attached) (MSS.126/EB/X/17/464-465).

    From and to Sir Walter Citrine, 2-3 Jan 1940: answers to questions about Bevin's action concerning libel in 'Daily Worker' in 1932 (MSS.126/EB/X/17/466-467).

    To Sir Walter Citrine, 11 Jan 1940: urgent need to find out about Sir John Simon's proposals concerning old age pensions (MSS.126/EB/X/17/468).

    From and to Captain Euan Wallace, Ministry of Transport, 19 and 22 Jan 1940: introduction of cheap railway tickets for men serving in the Mercantile Marine (MSS.126/EB/X/17/469-470).
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