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  • MSS.489/9
  • 1979
  • Item
  • SWP 'Internal Bulletin', May, Aug, Oct, Nov 1979; circulars and leaflets, including re local and national strikes, public sector cuts, Northern Ireland, unemployment, anti-fascism and anti-racism; 'Sheffield Forward' Labour newspaper, May (election special), Oct/Nov 1979; SWP Sheffield District bulletins; report of SWP industrial meeting, 15 Sep 1979; European, Parliamentary and District Council election leaflets; 'Straight Left' newspaper, no.2, Apr 1979; programme for Sheffield Trades Council May Day festival; Socialist Unity election bulletin, Apr 1979; 'Socialist integration at work: 30th anniversary of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance', Novosti Press Agency Publishing House pamphlet; Workers Socialist League manifesto; photocopy of SWP speakers list, Jan 1979; SWP membership card.
    Rank and file publications, including: 'Sheffield Engineer', nos. 1-7, 9-10, Feb-Oct 1979, and two special issues; 'Real Steel News', SWP steelworker bulletin, nos. 16, 21-23, 26-27, and several unnumbered; 'Engineers Charter' broadsheets; 'Dunlop Spekes', newspaper of Dunlop Joint Action Committee, Speke; 'The Times Challenger', "voice of printworkers and journalists", Jan 1979; 'End Low Pay!', nos. 6-7, bulletin of Sheffield Hospital Workers Group and Rank and File Council workers; 'Hospital Worker', local bulletin; 'Hammerhead', no.2, G.R. Stein workers rank and file bulletin.
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