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  • Minutes, 1962-1995; financial records, 1963-1978; circulars 1962-1981; correspondence files, 1962-1981; Council for Educational Advance publications, 1940s-1990; other publications, 1944-1977; annual reports, 1964-1987; Campaign for Education files, 1962-1963; National Education Week files, 1963; Fred Jarvis (Secretary to the Council for Educational Advance) files, 1965-1968; Roy Innes (National Treasurer) files, 1976-1990; Scottish Campaign for Educational Advance files, 1966-1969.
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  • In September 1942 meetings were held between representatives of the Workers' Educational Association, the Trades Union Congress, the Co-operative Union and the National Union of Teachers. It was decided to form the Council for Educational Advance with the aim of 'securing the swift passage of an Education Bill to provide full equality of educational opportunity for all children, independent of social or economic status, in order to equip them for democratic citizenship and a full and happy life.'

    After the Second World War the Council went into abeyance for many years. In July 1962, at the invitation of the NUT, representatives of 54 organisations met at NUT Headquarters to discuss the possibility of an intensified campaign for educational advance. After lengthy discussions a Campaign was planned and in 1963 the Campaign for Education was launched with more than 70 national organisations taking part. The stated aims of the Campaign were to see the full implementation of the 1944 Education Act, and of the recommendations of important educational reports such as the Crowther Report and the Albemarle Report. Activities were organised throughout the country, designed to make the public aware of the needs of education at all levels, of the importance of the role of education in national life and of the achievements of schools, colleges and universities, youth organisations, adult and other informal educational groups.

    In 1964, the Council for Educational Advance was re-formed as a permanent successor to the successful 1963 Campaign. Nearly all the national bodies who took part in the Campaign affiliated to the Council including educational bodies, organisations of parents, the churches, women's organisations, professional organisations, trade unions and the main teachers' organisations. The Council published a declaration of aims stating that 'upon education depends the growth, freedom and happiness of every human being, the quality of our society and the wealth of the nation,' the Council's object is both to stimulate public interest in, and concern for, education and, on a non party basis, to press the needs of the education service on those responsible for the nation's affairs.
  • This collection has been weeded for duplicates. One master set of circulars, including Council and Executive Committee agenda papers, minutes and reports, has been created from many partial sets of papers. Routine financial records including bank statements, invoices, paying in books and affiliation fees correspondence have been destroyed. The Council organised many one day conferences and public meetings on educational topics. Routine files including, arrangements, refusals, letters of application and letters of thanks have been destroyed.
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    Authority records exist for the Council for Educational Advance [1940s] (GB 0152 AAR2180), the Council for Educational Advance [1960s] (GB 0152 AAR2178), the Campaign for Education (GB 0152 AAR2179), the National Union of Teachers (GB 0152 AAR0429), and the Educational Alliance (GB 0152 AAR2177).
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