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  • MSS.152/1/5/8
  • 1969-1973
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  • 'Why a combine committee?' and 'Wages, productivity and reduced labour force', statement and leaflet from Manchester and District Combine of Shop Stewards employed in the Electricity Industry / Combine Committee of Joint Shop Stewards, 1970; 'GEC Rank 'n File', "a paper run by and for GEC combine workers", nos. 1-2, Apr-Jun 1973; GEC-AEI / GEC bulletins, nos. 1-32, 35X, 37-42, 45-49, 51-57, produced by Manchester International Socialism Group, [1969-1971], with some related leaflets; 'The Weinstock empire - and how to fight it', 'Socialist Worker' pamphlet, [1969]; 2 Draughtsmen's and Allied Technician's Association Lock-Out Committee leaflets, May 1969; leaflet from Merton IS on Marconi's at Hackbridge, undated; 'GEC - English Electric - AEI Information Bulletin' (or 'Weinstock Empire News'), no.1, Manchester IS branch, Winter 1969/70.
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