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  • Percy Collick was born in Guildford on 16 Nov 1897, the son of a train driver and active trade unionist. Percy Collick started work for L&SW Railway as an engine cleaner from June 1913. He served in the army between 1914-18 and returned to civilian life to work as a locomotive fireman, joining ASLEF at Guildford in April 1919.
    After the First World War, Collick became very active both in ASLEF and in local and national politics - during the 1920s and 1930s, he was Secretary of Guildford Trades and Labour Council (elected in 1919), Labour Party candidate for muncipal elections in Guildford, Chairman of Southern Railways London District Council, ASLEF delegate to the Trades Union Congress and annual conferences of the Labour Party, member of the TUC General Purposes Committee, Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Reigate and Newcastle Central constituencies, member of the Board of Management of Guildford Co-operative Society, and President of the Surrey Federation of Labour.
    Collick was elected Assistant General Secretary of ASLEF in 1939. He served as Labour MP for the constituencies of Birkenhead West between 1945-1950 and Birkenhead between 1950-64, when he retired from parliament. Collick held the appointment of Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries between 1945-47, before illness caused him to resign.
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