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  • MSS.292/951/2
  • 1946-1954
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  • Correspondence, circulars, copies of articles, memoranda, reports, etc. Subjects include: trade union movement, the Chinese Civil War, British trade with China, Clement Attlee's 1954 visit to China.
    Documents include: 'China and world peace', paper circulated by the United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1951; 'International Free Trade Union News', vol.9, no.9, containing declaration of Chairman of Free Trade Union Committee (USA) on 'Why Communist China should not be admitted to the United Nations', Sep 1954; report of 7th All-China Congress of Trades Unions, 1953; constitution of the Shanghai General Labour Union, 1950; 'Labour News' no.8, from the Labour Attache, British Embassy, Nanking, Dec 1948; report on the All Liberated Areas Trade Union Conference, 1948; 'CFL: Its organisation and activities', Chinese Federation of Labor (CFL) leaflet, Nanking, Jun 1948; reports from the Labour Attache, British Consulate-General, Shanghai, on subjects including the inauguration and constitution of the CFL, May 1948, the 1947 Chinese Labour Union Law, and law governing industrial organisations, 1947; 'The Shanghai Newsletter', vol.3, nos. 18, 20-22, Apr-May 1947; report by Ernest Thornton, TUC representative on UK trade mission to China in Sep-Dec 1946, on the situation in China.
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