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  • 1929
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  • Index at front. Issues also include regular columns on the union's activities in Scotland and Ireland (and occasional 'Welsh notes'), branch reports, tributes to members recently retired or deceased, reviews of gramophone records and books, readers' letters, cartoons and adverts.

    Vol.26, no.301, Jan 1929. Includes: 'What the railway companies are doing' by A.W. Arthurton; photograph of the Flying Scotsman; articles re the history of and present-day contributors to the Railway Service Journal, including tribute from A.G. Walkden and photos of editors and contributors; 'The Association and parliament' by William Graham MP; 'RCA links - national and international'; 'The RCA Executive Committee, 1904-1929', including photos of A. Read, A.L. Dorer, C.D. Hiscocks, E.W. Oldman, and the present-day EC; 'The RCA in politics and parliaments', including photos of H.G. Romeril, A.W. Longbottom and A.E. Townend; 'The RCA: Its commencement, progress and history, including photos of John Hereford, E.E. Brook, C.S. Harrison and F. Fitzpatrick; 'Of great days and valiant men', re history of RCA, with photo of W.E. Hill; 'The present-day negotiating machinery', with photo of W.R. Southeard; supplement - photo of A.G. Walkden; 'Trade union journalism' by Walter Meakin; photos of LGOC Administrative Staff Committee and Sectional Councils; 'Pelmanism and the railways' by Anthony Somers; photos of RCA headquarters staff and divisional staff.

    Vol.26, no.302, Feb 1929. Includes: 'The Labour Party's attitude on peace and war' by Arthur Ponsonby; 'The dying parliament' by William Graham; 'What the railway companies are doing' by A.W. Arthurton; 'Public owmership in Belgium' by F.E. Lawley; statistical data re number of staff employed by the railway companies; 'The RCA General Secretary before the Royal Commission'; 'Royal Commission on Transport'; 'An open letter to a non-member: A reply and a rejoinder'; photos of G. Pickard, C. Taylor, W.N. McCrosson, A. Coulson, E. Wilson, J. Howls and Alfred William Petch (in retirements and obituaries section).

    Vol.26, no.303, Mar 1929. Includes: 'What the railways are doing' by A.W. Arthurton; photo of the LMS Royal Scot; 'The Royal Transport Commission: The RCA General Secretary under examination'; 'Miss Arabella Susan Lawrence, MP', profile by R.B. Suthers; 'The Labour Party's farming policy' by Noel Buxton MP; 'Public ownership in France' by F.E. Lawley; photos of Harry Cave, G. Gibson and Philip Crow (in retirements and obituaries section), with long obituary of Crow; 'Why this left wing? A reply to Rowland Hill'; 'Trade union and Labour sport'.

    Vol.26, no.304, Apr 1929. Includes: 'An economist on welfare' by William Graham; 'Shall democratic rule continue in the RCA?'; 'The general election: Its vital significance for all railway salaried staff'; 'The Southern Railway electrification' by A.W. Arthurton; 'RCA candidates and the general election'; 'The educational policy of the Labour Party by R.H. Tawney; 'The Royal Commission on Transport: The RCA General Secretary further examined'; photos of C.A. Jones, W.W. Watson, J. Sharpless, W. Ingham, R. Davison, J.W. Chapman, Mr Mace, Mr Cotton, P.G. Trippas, S. Henderson, G. Collier and L.S. Davies (in retirements and obituaries section); 'That open letter: "D.O." returns to the fray: His reply and a further rejoinder'; 'Trade union and Labour sport', re proposed visits of German football team to England and English football team to Germany; 'Mr Joseph Smith - and the general election'; 'Preparing for the general election in Scotland', photo of C.N. Gallie, James Ramsay Macdonald and T.S. Dickson; 'Why this left wing? A rejoinder' by Rowland Hill.

    Vol.26, no.305, May 1929. Includes: 'The Royal Commission on Transport: The RCA General Secretary's examination concluded'; 'The truth about nationalisation'; 'Blackpool - Britain's wonder resort' by W. Foster; 'Rail and raid co-operation: recent mergers' by A.W. Arthurton; 'London Traffic Combine Bill: Successful parliamentary action by the RCA to protect its members'; 'Left wingism and democratic rule'; 'Public ownership in Sweden' by F.E. Lawley; 'Trade union and Labour sport', re visit of German football team to England (with photos); photos of G. Chesters, H.L. Luccock, E. Ham, Mr Stocker and W. Roberts (in retirements and obituaries section).

    Vol.26, no.306, Jun 1929. Includes: editorial on 'The railways and the political parties'; 'The railway trade unions and the general election'; 'Steam rail coaches' by A.W. Arthurton; articles re the RCA annual conference, including Presidential address, election results, conference proceedings and photos of some of the delegates; 'A Liberal on the general election'.

    Vol.26, no.307, Jul 1929. Includes: 'My impressions of the 1929 annual conference' by John Hereford; 'The new marshalling yard at March' by A.W. Arthurton; 'The RCA shares in Labour's magnificent victory', with photos of RCA officers / members elected to parliament; 'Einar Jonsson, sculptor' by Gertrude Austin; 'National Conference of Labour Women, Buxton, 1929'; 'Public ownership in Switzerland' by F.E. Lawley; photos of R.J. Williams, R.P. Nairn, J. Baker, J.H. Chatburn, J. Horrobin, C. Martin and A. Girling (in retirements and obituaries section); 'Trade union and Labour sport'; 'Notes for nightworkers'.

    Vol.26, no.308, Aug 1929. Includes: 'The speed factor on the railways' by A.W. Arthurton; photo of the Cornish Riviera Express; 'General political notes' by "Marcus"; 'Another open letter to a non-member'; 'Public ownership in Germany' by F.E. Lawley; 'A new link with France: Professor Patrick Geddes at Montpellier' by Amelia Defries; 'Lest we forget', extract from H.G. Well's Rampole Island; 'Recreation and beauty' by W. Haslam; photos of H. Clench, Mr McGee and Mr Gidden (in retirements and obituaries section).

    Vol.26, no.309, Sep 1929. Includes: 'Rationalisation of rail and road passenger services - further mergers' by A.W. Arthurton; photo of LMS bus; 'A hundred years of education, 1870-1970' by R.B. Suthers; 'International trade union and labour football: British team's magnificent reception in Germany' by Maurice J. Bunyan (illustrated); 'The growth of collection economy' by F.E. Lawley; 'By motor bus from Gibraltar to Seville' by Amelia Defries (illustrated); 'Superannuation fund affairs'; photos of W.H. Purseman and J.W. Unsworth (in retirements and obituaries section).

    Vol.26, no.310, Oct 1929. Includes: 'General political notes' by "Marcus"; summary data re number of staff employed by railway companies; 'The Trades Union Congress, 1929'; 'Secondary schools or second-rate schools? The necessity of Labour governments' by R.B. Suthers; 'International trade union and labour football: Bremen's greeting - Progressive Magdeburg' (illustrated); 'Geneva faces economic realities' by F.E. Lawley; 'A huge industry: Some startling railway figures' by A.W. Arthurton; 'This woman business' (re debate over election of woman member to union executive); 'Pelmanism and the railways' by Anthony Somers.

    Vol.26, no.311, Nov 1929. Includes: 'The special conference and the two-and-a-half per cent.'; 'Classification figures, railway salaried staff'; 'How British railways are helping the trader' by A.W. Arthurton; examples of LMS and GWR railway posters; 'The Labour Party conference', with photo of some of the RCA delegates; list of Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries; 'General political notes' by "Marcus"; 'The fundamental idiocy of the gold standard' by R.B. Suthers; 'The international organisation of railway salaries workers'; 'The new Pensions Bill'; photos of C.W. Blanchard, P.F. Pollard, A.T. Cappitt, T. Nixon and Mr Gates (in retirements and obituaries section); 'Labour's hospital' by Percy F. Pollard, re Manor House Hospital.

    Vol.26, no.312, Dec 1929. Includes: 'The Widows' and Orphans' Pensions Bill'; 'Railway development: Remission of passenger duty schemes' by A.W. Arthurton; 'General political notes' by "Marcus"; 'International trade union and labour football: Leipzig - Gera' by Maurice J. Bunyan (illustrated); 'The machinery of the International Labour Organisation' by F.E. Lawley (illustrated); 'Week-end school at Sydenham Hill' by E.J. Mallett; photos of W. Carlisle, J.R. Bryant, E.W. Harrison, R. Eddleston, E.H. Pinchbeck, J. Dyson and W. Havard (in retirements and obituaries section); list of RCA candidates in the municipal elections.
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