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  • MSS.126/TG/RES/X/716
  • 1899 - 1951
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  • Labour Party League of Youth: Report of Annual Conference, 38pp pamphlet, 1938; 'What Are They Doing?', recruiting broadsheet, nd; 'Ours Is the Future: The Song of Labour's Youth', leaflet, nd; 'Wake the Countryside Up!', recruiting leaflet, 1938; 'Labour's Vanguard', 4pp newspaper, [c.1947]; broadsheets etc re Labour's Youth Crusade, 1938; 'The League of Youth', 14pp pamphlet, 1931; 'Youth of Britain: Help Us to Win a Better Future', 15pp pamphlet, 1938; questionnaire and recruiting documents, 1950; 'We say it Can be done', recruiting leaflet, 1938; 'A New Appeal to the Young', by Herbert Morrison, 8pp pamphlet, 1932; 'Labour's Call to Youth', by Maurice Webb, 8pp pamphlet, 1933; 'You're Young: Here's Your Biggest Job', by Clement Attlee, 12pp pamphlet, 1938.

    Board/Ministry of Education: 'Simple Health Hints: Notes for the use of Youth Group Leaders wishing to give short talks on practical Health Education to members of Youth Groups', by Anna Broman, 32pp pamphlet, 1941; 'Emergency Courses of Training for those Engaging in the Youth Service', circular leaflet, 1942; 'Registration of Girls', circular leaflet, 1942; 'Registration of Youth', 5pp circular, 1941; 'Youth Service Corps', 6pp circular, 1941; 'Youth, Physical Recreation and Service', 6pp circular, 1940; 'The Challenge of Youth', circular leaflet, 1940; 'The Service of Youth', circular leaflet, 1939; 'Canteens in Youth Clubs', 12pp pamphlet, 1945.

    Trades Union Congress: 'For Youth and You', trade union recruiting leaflet, 1938; 'Youth has the ball at its feet', trade union recruiting leaflet, 1938.

    British Federation of Young Co-operators: 'Comrade', vol.1, no.4-vol.2, no.4, October 1942-October 1943; 'Something to Live For!...the Challenge must be met...', by Malcolm Walker, BFYC Policy Pamphlet No.1, 15pp pamphlet, [c.1941]; 'At Your Finger-tips', 104pp volume, [c.1942].

    National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations: "The YMCA and Youth", 4pp document, 1942; 'A brief statement of the Aims and Activities of the YMCA', 8pp pamphlet, 1943; ' Invitation to Youth', 11pp pamphlet, nd; 'Body, Mind, Spirit', 7pp illustrated recruiting pamphlet, nd.

    British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education: 'First Memorandum on Education of Young Employees in Industry', 13pp pamphlet, 1945; 'The Young Worker in Industry and Commerce (with Special Reference to Scotland): A Report of a Conference...', 52pp pamphlet, 1944.

    Committee on Wage-Earning Children: 'Industrial Protection of Youth', 8pp pamphlet, 1940, with Addendum, 6pp pamphlet, 1943; Annual Reports, 1924-1927, 11pp pamphlet, 1927; Report, 1934-1936, 11pp pamphlet, 1936; Annual Reports, 1936-1937, 11pp pamphlet, 1938.

    Carnegie United Kingdom Trust: 'Disinherited Youth: A Survey, 1936-1939', 127pp volume, 1943; London County Council: 'Opportunities for Boys and Girls in Industry and Art', 20pp pamphlet, 1936; Board of Education/Scottish Education Department: 'Training and Service for Girls', 17pp pamphlet, 1942; London Labour Party: 'Labour's Work for Youth: What a Great Municipality has done for Young People', 12pp pamphlet, 1938; Rotary International. Association for Great Britain and Ireland: 'Youth Travel: An International Guide', 46pp pamphlet, 1936; Labour Party: 'Children's Charter', 28pp pamphlet, 1937; "Political Youth Organisations", 2pp document, 1948; "Notes on Transition from School to Work", 2pp document, nd; International Youth Council in Britain: Constitution, 2pp document, nd; Central Youth Employment Executive: 'Recruiting and Training of Young Persons for Industry', 12pp circular, 1951; Middlesex County Council Education Committee: 'Starting Work', 4pp booklet, nd; Co-operative Union Ltd: 'Co-operative Youth Movement', 16pp pamphlet, nd; The Daily News: 'The Children's Labour Question', 156pp volume, 1899.
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