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  • MSS.126/TG/RES/X/1015/1-3
  • 1917 - 1952
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  • Ministry of Food: 'The World Food Shortage', 23pp pamphlet, 1946; Report of the Conference on the Post-War Loaf, 24pp pamphlet, 1945; Second Review of the World Food Shortage, 35pp pamphlet, 1946; 'Food Consumption Levels in United Kingdom', 13pp pamphlet, 1949; Memorandum from the Reforms Sub-Committee of the Consumers' Council, leaflet, 1920; 'What do they eat in the United States, Canada and Britain today?', 16pp pamphlet, 1944; Third and 4th-6th Reports of the Departmental Committee on the Wholesale Food Markets of London, 16pp & 25pp pamphlets, 1921; 'Food Consumption Levels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom', 132pp volume, 1944.

    War Emergency - Workers' National Committee: 'Communal Kitchens', by Arthur Peters, broadsheet, 1917; 'Food Vigilance Committees', broadsheet, 1917; 'Memorandum on the Increased Cost of Living During the War', broadsheet, 1917.

    Labour Party: 'Food for Thought', 7pp pamphlet, 1946; 'Food Shortage: The Facts', 12pp pamphlet, [c.1946].

    Fabian Society: 'Food in Wartime', by Charles Smith, 20pp pamphlet, 1940; 'Evacuation: Failure or Reform', by F Le Gros Clark and Richard W Toms, 16pp pamphlet, [1940].

    Board of Trade: 'The Food Supply of the United Kingdom', 35pp pamphlet, 1917; Report of the Food Council, 26pp pamphlet, 1936.

    Department of Scientific and Industrial Research: Second Report on the Corrosion of the Tinplate Container by Food Products, 54pp pamphlet, 1936; Report of the Food Investigation Board, 293pp volume, 1931.

    Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: Report of the Standing Committee on Margarine, 15pp pamphlet, 1938; Report on Marketing of Wheat, Barley and Oats in England and Wales, 206pp volume, 1928.

    Ministry of Food/Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries/Scottish Office: 'Statistics and Documents relating to the the World Grain Position', 10pp pamphlet, 1946; Unilever Ltd: 'Margarine and World Nutrition', 16pp pamphlet, 1952; 'Points Against Radio Advertising in any form', by A Morgan-Williams, 2nd edition, 16pp pamphlet, 1945; Food (defence) Bill 1939; Poultry Industry Bill 1939; "Summary of speech on storage of food in war time", by John Parker, 2pp document, 1938; Western Mail & South Wales News: 'Scientific Canning of Food: Home Use for Welsh Tin-plates', by Sir Edgar R Jones, broadsheet, 1931; Corn Sales Act 1921; Royal Commission on Wheat Supplies: Second Report, 100pp volume, 1925; TGWU: correspondence re food control, 1917-1918; Barkers (Contractors) Ltd: 'Studies in Nutrition for Industrial Caterers', 9pp pamphlet, 1944; Stanford University, USA. Food Research Institute: 'Britain's New Wheat Policy in Perspective', 46pp pamphlet, 1933; Empire Marketing Board: Annual Reports, 7 volumes, 1926/27-1932/33; Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries/Scottish Office: Report of the First and Second Inter-Departmental Committees on the Grading and Marking of Beef, 49 & 68pp pamphlets, 1930, 1932; Royal Commission on Food Prices: First Report, 207pp volume, 1925.
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