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  • MSS.15B/7/36
  • May 1938-Apr 1945
  • Item
  • Vol.1, nos.1-12: May 1938-Jul 1940.
    Vol.2, nos.1-5: Aug-Dec 1940.
    Vol.3, nos.7, 9-10: Feb, Apr-May 1942.
    Vol.5, nos.4 & 11: Nov 1943, Jun 1944
    Vol.6, nos.2 & 9: Sep 1944, Apr 1945.
    The main subject is anti-militarism and conscientious objection (both during the Second World War and reflecting on the First World War), including reports on Conscientious Objectors Tribunals.
    Other subjects include: the anarchist movement and anti-parliamentarism, the Communist Party, fascism, international affairs (including re the Spanish Civil War, the USA), the wartime coalition government and emergency powers, imperialism, the London Blitz
    Vol.1, no.6 (Christmas 1939) includes a list of conscientious objectors who died and were sentenced to death during the First World War; vol.1, no.7 (Feb 1940) includes tribute to Walter Strickland; vol.1, no.12 (Jul 1940) includes: 'When Mussolini was a socialist' by Angelica Balabanoff.
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