Reference number
  • MSS.154/3/PW/1/1-211
  • 1944-1945
  • Item
  • Reports produced by and circulated within SHAEF Psychological Warfare Division (documents in English and German):
    Report on two day visit (1-2 May) to Dachau concentration camp, 12 May 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/1-3].
    Extracts from captured documents, disseminated on 25 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/4-5].
    Extracts from a number of Nazi reports on public opinion between 1943-1945, disseminated on 27 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/6-8].
    'Buchenwald: A preliminary report' by Egon W. Fleck and 1st Lt. Edward A. Tenenbaum, 24 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/9-17].
    Reports on Sachsenhausen and Oranienburg concentration camp by Willi Feiler [MSS.154/3/PW/1/18-53].
    'Die Studentenaktion in M√ľnchen', 22 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/54].
    Note on the "National Redoubt", 14 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/55-66].
    Notes on a trip through occupied Germany by Daniel Lerner, 18 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/67-71].
    Profile of Elisabeth Marguth, 'A German "intellectual" under the Nazis', 21 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/72-73].
    Memorandum on 'Post-hostility uses of Radio Luxemburg', 14 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/74-76 and MSS.154/3/PW/1/80-82].
    Memorandum on 'Material needed for proposed motion picture on German atrocities for showing in Germany', 25 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/77-79].
    Page from prisoner of war interrogation report [MSS.154/3/PW/1/83].
    Report on the murder of Franz Oppenhoff, Oberbuergermeister of Aachen, 2 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/84].
    Report on captured quarterly reports from Gau Alsace-Baden to the office of Reichsleiter Rosenberg, 28 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/85-91].
    'A bogus anti-Nazi: The story of Richard Kipper', 10 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/92-98].
    Report on captured file of Adolf Schmid, leader of the Reich Propaganda Office, Baden, 6 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/99-101].
    Analysis of captured German letters written between 1 Nov 1944-15 Mar 1945, 11 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/102-104].
    Report on captured N.S. Guidance Directives of 6 SS Mountain-Division "Nord", 5 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/105-106].
    Report on 'News service - Nazi style', 5 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/107].
    Report on captured document, 'Extensive looting by Party, Wehrmacht and government offices', 5 Apr 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/108].
    'Notes on trip to Western Rhineland area, 21-28 March, 1945' by John P. Dickson [MSS.154/3/PW/1/109-114].
    Extracts from letters written by German civilians, 30 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/115-117].
    Report on interrogation of prisoner of war Karbinsky, a former guard at Hitler's bunker complex, 24 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/118-123].
    Reports on 'Two leading Krefelders: I. A leftist Catholic. II. A rightist industrialist', 11 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/124-133].
    Report on 'Herr Direktor Scheeren, banker', 13 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/134-135].
    'Consolidated report on the interrogation of 30 members of the Volkssturm', 13 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/136-138].
    'Consolidated report on the interrogation of 13 leaders of the Volkssturm', 14 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/139-142].
    Extracts from German Security Service (SD) report on 'The hold of the Catholic Church on German women', 17 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/143-145].
    Extracts from captured document on 'Box office still calls the tune. Film producers at varience with Nazi educators', 19 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/146-148].
    Extract from captured document by Chief of Party Chancery, Reichsleiter M. Bormann on large scale corruption in the Third Reich, 15 Mar 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/149-152].
    Extracts from captured letters [MSS.154/3/PW/1/153-155].
    'Portrait of a German Communist', Joseph Mohren, 19 Feb 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/156-157].
    Results of opinion poll amongst prisoners of war on 'Expectations of Anglo-American occupation of Germany', 14 Feb 1945 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/158-162].
    Extracts from captured diary of San. Uffz. Giese, 25 Oct 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/163-172].
    Report on arrival in Aachen and conditions in the local area by Richard Crossman, 17 Nov 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/173-177].
    'Preliminary report on the Comite "Allemagne Libre" Pour l'Ouest (CALPO)', Nov 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/178-189].
    Extracts from the captured diary of Uffz. P. Kahl, 5 Dec 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/189-193].
    'Weekly intelligence summary for psychological warfare #11: Part 1 - German home front', 9 Dec 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/194-198].
    Report on captured document, 'Field Marshal Keitel on corruption in the German Officers Corps', 31 Oct 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/199-200].
    Report on the German evacuation order, 30 Oct 1944 [MSS.154/3/PW/1/201-211].
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