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  • MSS.154/3/AU/1/1-512
  • 1926-1970
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  • File of letters and papers collected by Crossman in a file entitled 'Autobiography'. Arranged chronologically, with undated material at the end, 1926-1970.

    Includes: congratulations on his first in Moderations, April 1928 (/27-30); notes from W.H. Auden, 1928 and undated (/31, 35, 50-1; see also MSS.154/3/AUD/1-12); poems by RHS Crossman (/45-6); letters from Naomi Mitchison, 1933 and undated (/60-4; see also MSS.154/3/ZB/73-241); Wickham Steed, January 1935 (/68-9); Hugh Dalton, September 1936 (/70); W. Ormsby Gore, October 1936 (/71); H.A.L. Fisher, 1936-7 (/72-7); E.L. Woodward, October 1937 (/78); R. Bassett, February 1938 (/79-84); John Strachey, March 1938 (/88-91); Harold Macmillan, December 1943 (/96); C.D. Jackson (later editor of Time-Life?), January 1944, December 1946-May 1947 (/104-5, 153-70); Crossman's diary of a visit to SHAEF, Psychological Warfare Division, in Germany (including description of Dachau concentration camp shortly after liberation), May 1945 (/106-26; see also MSS.154/3/PW); Crossman's notes on the election and its aftermath, 11 and 24 August 1945 (/127-31); Rebecca West, December 1945, October-December 1947 (/135-7, 172-91); Hector McNeil, May 1946 (/139); Woodrow Wyatt, October-December 1947 (/172-91); Harold Nicolson, December 1947 (/192); Dan Lerner, Hoover Institute, re the effectiveness of psychological warfare, December 1947 (/193-7); A.L. Rowse, December 1947 (/198-9).

    Correspondence between Crossman and Frank Pakenham, including Crossman's notes of a trip to Dusseldorf, February 1948 (/200-5), and Frankfurt, April 1948 (/206-11); Crossman's notes of a conversation at the Foreign Office with Lord Henderson and Harold Beeley re British recognition of Israel, September 1948 (/214-19); papers relating to a conference at Buscot Park, September 1948, including a paper by Crossman - 'What do we mean by socialism?' (/220-36); Winston S. Churchill, thanking Crossman for his review of 'The Gathering Storm', October 1948 (/237); 'Parental Poems', poems by Anna Dora Howard (1843-1935; née Jowitt; Crossman's grandmother), extracted 1949 (/239-46); notes by Crossman for Herbert Morrison, on Labour's election campaign, after the redistribution of parliamentary seats. March 1950 (/247-65); Crossman - Clement R. Attlee, re Korean war, July 1950 (/266); Crossman's notes of a discussion with Ilya Ehrenburg, July 1950 (/267-77); Hugh Dalton re Crossman's paper for a Fabian Society conference, October 1950 (/278-89); correspondence with J.C. Holmes re Anglo-American relations, December 1950 (/290-2).

    Correspondence with Emir Abdul Majid Haidar re Jordan, March 1951 (/293-8); correspondence with Coventry East Labour Party re the defence debate and the Bevanites' abstention, March 1952 (/299-302); letter of condolence after the death of Crossman's second wife from Vera Weizmann, August 1952 (/308); correspondence with Hugh Gaitskell re the Bevanite controversy and Crossman's column in The Sunday Pictorial, October 1952 (/309-317); notes by Crossman on Suez and Sudan, January 1953 (/321-6); Anwar Sadat re the Sudan, February 1953 (/327); G.A. Nasser re Crossman's speeches on Anglo-Egyptian relations, April 1953 (/328-9); notes re talks with Nenni and the Italian Social Democrats, June 1953 (/331-42); Crossman's notes on Germany for the Parliamentary Labour Party Foreign Affairs Group, July 1953 and September 1954 (/343-8).

    Article re economic policy and the scientific revolution, circa 1960 (/350-61); Hugh Gaitskell re Crossman's work co-ordinating election strategy, September, November 1959 (/363-5, 367); correspondence with Hugh Gaitskell re Crossman's opposition to Labour's nuclear defence policy, February-September 1960 (/369, 372-7, 394-400, 415); Crossman's speech on Labour's nuclear defence policy to Coventry Fabian Society, March 1960 (/371); correspondence with Sam Watson, National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), re Labour's defence policy, and his relations with Gaitskell, May 1960 (/378-93); carbon copies of letters to T. Balogh, July, Nov, Dec 1960 (/403, 423-5, 428-30); article by Crossman on defence policy, n.d. (/406-11); notes/diary by Crossman on events in September 1960 (/412); statement by Crossman on defence, n.d. (/413-14); text of Crossman's party political broadcast, as Chairman of the Labour Party, October 1960 (/416-17); diary by Crossman for 13 October 1960 (/418); letters, Crossman - A. Greenwood and Harold Wilson, 21 October 1960 (/419-20); correspondence with Eirene White, October-November 1960 (/421-2); correspondence with Christopher Mayhew, December 1960 (/426-7); letter, Ray Gunter, December 1960 (/431).

    Letter, Crossman - Lord Pakenham, January 1961 (/432-3); typescript draft article, 'New needs in social policy', circa 1961 (/434-9); Hugh Gaitskell's suggested structure for a Home Policy document (later 'Signposts for the Sixties') and drafts for same, 1960-1961 (/449-96; see also MSS.154/3/LP/1); Crossman's memorandum for Harold Wilson on cabinet management, June 1969 (/497-503); letter, N. Mitchison - Crossman, 22 February 1970, re death of her husband (/508A); Harold Wilson's memorandum on cabinet committee procedure, March 1970 (/508B-11).
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Related Material
  • See also MSS.154/3/POL for related correspondence and papers. Some letters were transferred to this file from Diary files; see those files for similar papers (MSS.154/8/204).