Reference number
  • MSS.78/OS/4/1/30
  • 29 Jun 1865-26 Dec 1867
  • Item
  • 'Return' of 30 May 1867 incomplete, see MSS.78/OS/4/1/32.
    "Seat of government" moved to Knowsley Street, Bolton, Lancashire, 2 May 1867.
    Includes: text of Royal Order appointing Commission for inquiring into trade unions, with report of deputation of trades' delegates to the Commissioners, 21 Mar 1867; list of hours worked and wages paid as of 1 Jan 1867, 21 Mar 1867; printed report of questions asked of Richard Harnott by the Royal Commission on Trades Unions, 26 Mar 1867; circular re lock out of 400 miners at Church Gresley and surrounding neighbourhood, 8 Aug 1867; letter on the state of trade in Australia from the Corresponding Secretary of the Operative Stonemasons' Society of New South Wales, and report on trial regarding Sheffield file trade masters' black lists, 22 Aug 1867; reports on the Manchester Trades' Outrages Inquiry, and establishment of the Free Labour Registration Society by Colonel FC Maude, 5 Sep 1867; report of speech by Lord Derby against trade unionism and reply by Ernest Jones QC, 31 Oct 1867.
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