Reference number
  • NCA/3
  • 1898-20th century
  • Collection
  • Cycle parts, accessories, and clothing catalogues, arranged in alphabetical order, one section of which relates solely to tyre accessories. Some of these latter items are in one album purchased in 1995. Collection includes price lists, instructions, miscellaneous promotional literature and leaflets for other cycle-related products.

    (Catalogues which include complete cycles can be found in MSS.328/N2.)
  • 12 boxes
Admin history
  • An artificial collection relating cycle parts, accessories, clothing etc.
Finding aids
  • Authority records exist for The North British Rubber Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2030), The Grappler Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2031), The New Grappler Pneumatic Tyre Co., Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2032), The Self.Sealing Air Chamber Co., Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2033), Black Pneumatic Tyre Co. (GB 0152 AAR2034), The Scottish Tyre, Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2035), W. & A. Bates, Ltd.(GB 0152 AAR2036), The Macintosh Tyre Co., Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2037), Chas. Macintosh & Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2038), Continental Tyre & Rubber Co. (Great Britain) Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2039), Anderson's Bristol Rubber Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2040), Self-Sealing Rubber Co., Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2041), Tip Top Vulcanising Products (GB 0152 AAR2042), Carter Care (GB 0152 AAR2043), Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2044), Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2045), John Bull Rubber Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2046), Britanica Company (GB 0152 AAR2047), Cycling Centre (GB 0152 AAR2048), International Cycling Centre (GB 0152 AAR2049), Andover Norton International Limited (GB 0152 AAR2050), Vee Rubber Company (GB 0152 AAR2051) and C. B. Baggs Limited (GB 0152 AAR2052).
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  • Open
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