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  • MSS.15X/1/80/1
  • Dec 1977-Oct 1979
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  • Dec 1977 (vol.12, no.12): Includes articles on terrorism in South Africa and West Germany (including Red Army Faction / Baader-Meinhof Group), revolutionary violence, punk.
    24 Jan 1978 (vol.13, no.1): Includes articles on urban guerrillas in West Germany, 'Did you ever want to kill your boss?', fascism and pornography.
    2 Mar 1978 (vol.13, no.2): Includes articles on fascism and pornography, nuclear power, the nuclear arms race, Mao's Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution.
    30 Apr 1978 (vol.13, no.3): Includes articles on pornography, sexism and fascism, Pierre Clastres.
    19 Jun 1978 (vol.13, no.4). Includes articles on Detroit Metro Gay News, assaults on prisoners, mental illness and realism, technology and capitalism.
    21 Aug 1978 (vol.13, nos. 5 & 6). Includes articles on arrest of Persons Unknown in Britain, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, counter-revolution, Italy.
    3 Nov 1978 (vol.13, no.7). Includes articles on the FBI and the Detroit left, Paris in May 1968, the CNT in Spain, Vice Squad treatment of homosexuals.
    29 Jan 1979 (vol.14, no.1). Includes articles on Persons Unknown, the Red Army Faction, Jim Jones.
    22 Oct 1979 (vol.14, no.4). Includes articles on the Mexican oil spill disaster, Walla Walla prison revolt, Christopher Lasch's 'The culture of narcissism', Marx.
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