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  • MSS.250/1/3/11
  • 1965-[c1970]
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  • Pamphlets: 'Unemployment in the North East' by Dave Peers, Newcastle IS, undated [c1970]; 'Taking London for a ride: The busmens' case', Rank and File Busmen, [c1967]; 'The bad package - at home - overseas - (or the Government sticks to its guns - almost everywhere) 5 technicians' unions unwrap it', ACTT, AScW, ASSET, DATA and STCS, 1966; 'The Anti Cameron Report' by Paul Foot, 'Rank and File' pamphlet, [1967]; 'Grading and the contracting sparks' by T. Berwick, ETU member, 'Labour Worker' pamphlet, c1967; 'No bus today! The case of the East Yorkshire Bus Strike', Disputes Committee for EYMS Strike, 10/15a Branch of Transport and General Workers' Union, Nov 1966; 'A teachers' charter', 'Rank and File' pamphlet, undated; 'Not a penny on the rents' by Ian Macdonald and Ken Lowe, Greater London Council (GLC) Tenants Action Committee, c1968; 'Not wanted on voyage: The seaman's reply', Jun 1966; 'What happened at Woolf's: The story of the Southall strike' by Chris Davison and Peter Finch, London Industrial Shop Stewards Defence Committee, 1966.
    Journals: 'The Dockworker', nos. 1-2, Jun 1967 and undated; 'Rank and File Engineer', no.1, Spring 1968; 'International Socialism in Scotland', bulletin no.2, Aug 1969; 'Resistance', nos. 1-2, London Shop Stewards Defence Committee, Dec/Jan 1967-Feb/Mar 1967; 'Aviation Voice', nos. 2-3, Feb-Jul 1965; 'Labour's Voice', Mar & Jul 1965; 'Pouvoir Ouvrier', no.88, Jan-Feb 1968 (in French); 'GLC Tenants Action Committee News', Jun 1968; 'Rank and File', no.7, "produced by left-wing teachers within the NUT", Sep 1969.
    Leaflets: Nurses' Conditions Action Group, [1969?]; on fascism and racism, c1968.
    Discussion documents and IS internal papers: 'Workers' control in a nationalised steel industry' by the Sheffield Group, undated; 'The GLC campaign and IS involvement' [1968]; IS industrial report, c1968; circular re membership subs, c1968; policy statement by Coventry May Day Industrial Committee, undated.
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