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  • 1916-1967
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  • 'Hands off Russia' Committee campaign pamphlets. 'Report of the special conference on Labour and the Russian-Polish War', the Council of Action, 1920. 'Intercourse between Bolshevism and Sinn Fein', His Majesty's Stationery Office. Versailles peace conference: memorandum on Georgian independence. Miscellaneous reports of delegations to the Soviet Union, including the Co-operative Union Limited, 1930, and the Anglo-Russian Parliamentary Committee, 1927. 'Russia, the Land of Contradictions', Industrial Christian Fellowship. Report regarding the conditions of labour in the metal industry in Soviet Russia by the International Metalworkers' Federation, 1920. 'Tsardom's Part in the War' by E. Morel, 1917 (File 1); 'A sketch of the Russian Trade Union Movement', issued by the People's Russian Information Bureau, 1920. 'The All-Russian Central Union of Consumers' Societies: The Centrojus', 1920. 'A letter from a Russian comrade to the socialists and syndicalists of allied countries', 1919. 'Reports of Bolshevism in Russia', a collection of reports by ambassadors, British representatives and others on the events in Russia. HMSO, 1919. 'Russian Banks and Communist Funds', 1928. 'Russia and International Unity', Trades Union Congress General Council, 1925. Labour Party delegation report, 1920. 'Russia under the Bolsheviks', Russian Liberation Committee, 1919. 'The Russian Co-operator: a journal of co-operative unity', 1917. The Russian political prisoners' and exiles' relief committee circular, 1916. 'Documents illustrating the hostile activities of the Soviet Government and the Third International against Great Britain', 1927 (File 2). Outline of the 2nd Five-Year Plan and address 'The Five-Year Plan' D.V Bogomoloff 1932 (File 2); Russia's Foreign Policy, 1927 (File 2); 'Russia, the land of contradictions' by S. Eddy, description of a visit in 1926; 'Note from His Majesty's Government to the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics respecting the relations between the two governments', 1927. Bulletin of the relief fund of the International Working Men's Association [for anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists imprisoned in Russia], 1927. Correspondence between Ben Tillett (Transport and General Workers' Union) and Swan Hunter Limited, Wallsend Shipyard, on credit for shop orders from the Soviet Union, 1925. Two presentation copies of Russian books [showing Russians at work, and war memorials], 1960. Report of visit of the ISTC delegation to the Soviet Union, 1947. 'Soviet Workers and their unions: a reply to the ISTC', Ernest Thornton, Federated Ironworkers' Association of Australia, 1947. 'Report of the ISTC delegation to the USSR', 1945 (File 3) 'Trades Union general council: report on visit to Russia', Sir Walter Citrine, 1935 (File 3). Sir R Hadfield: address to the Soviet ambassador on science, 1933 (File 3). 'Trade Unions in the USSR', Solomon M Schwarz (File 4). 'Russian delegation report', Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, 1952 (File 4). Forced Labour in the USSR, US Information Service c.1951 (File 4); 'British Students visit the Soviet Union', National Union of Students, 1951 (File 4) 'The Soviet-Communist Menace', Major-General Lindsay, 1952 (File 4); 'A visit to Russia: report of Durham miners on their visit to the USSR', Durham Miners' Association. Report of delegation to the USSR, 1945 (File 4)
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