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  • 1993-2004
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  • This collection contains: typescript transcripts of interviews with pioneers in the field of Operational Research by their colleagues, 1993-2004, in some cases with accompanying correspondence and material illustrative of subjects raised in the interview. The Centre does not hold the tapes.
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  • This collection has been weeded for duplicates.
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  • Authority files exist for Hugh M. Barkla (GB 0152 AAR1551), Harold Goulbourne Jones (GB 0152 AAR1552), Stefan Vajda (GB 0152 AAR1436), Raymond Alexander Ward (GB 0152 AAR1553), Henry Richard William Watkins (GB 0152 AAR11554), Rex Raymond Philip Jackson (GB 0152 AAR1555), Edwin Kenneth George James (GB 0152 AAR1556), Maurice Francis Shutler (GB 0152 AAR1557), Roger Hugh Collcutt (GB 0152 AAR1558), Margaret Kinnaird-Allan (GB 0152 AAR1559), Berwyn Hugh Patrick Rivett (GB 0152 AAR1560), John Raymond Lawrence (GB 0152 AAR1437), Samuel Eilon (GB 0152 AAR1561), Robin Montier Hiatt (GB 0152 AAR1563), Rex Anthony Leaver (GB 0152 AAR1562), Peter John Pengilly (GB 0152 AAR1564), Lord John Anthony Hardinge Halsbury (GB 0152 AAR1447), Professor Sir Hermann Bondi (GB 0152 AAR1594), David A. Quarmby (GB 0152 1776).
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