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  • MSS.152/1/5/2
  • 1966-1973
  • Item
  • 'Rank and File' pamphlets: 'The Anti Cameron Report' by Paul Foot, [1967]; 'In Place of Tripe: A statement on the prices and incomes policy and anti-tu legislation', [1969].
    Journals and newspapers: 'Rank and File', "paper of the militant building and construction workers", nos. 1-15, Mar 1966-Feb/Mar 1969; 'Building Workers' Charter', "organ of the rank and file building workers", vol.1, nos. 1-2, 5-7, 11-12, vol. 2, no.8, [1970-1973]; 'Viewpoint', Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Painters and Bricklayers, vol.5, Aug 1971; 'Systems building: a special report on industrialized methods', articles from 'The Times', 28 Jan 1969; 'Building Worker', Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers (AUBTW), vol.4, no.7, Jul 1966, vol.5, nos. 11-12, Nov-Dec 1967; 'Federation Builders Standard', National Federation of Building Trades Operatives, nos. 59-60, Nov-Dec 1967; 'Site Action Press', nos. 36-37, vol.2, no.1, Birmingham, c1971.
    Also includes: lyrics for 'The drunken leader' and 'Song of the unholy alliance'; draft articles and cartoon for 'Rank and File', c1967; AUBTW 4th quarterly report, 1967; Manchester Building Workers Joint Sites Committee leaflet re the Barbican dispute, 1967; correspondence re 'Rank and File', 1966-7.
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