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  • MSS.152/1/5/12
  • 1968-1970
  • Item
  • Birmingham International Socialists: 'Austin South Works Bulletin', nos. 2-5, 7-8, 1969-70; 'Austin East Works Bulletin', nos. 1-14, 1969-70 (no.9 is a special issue - pamphlet, 'Which way for the Austin? Short time; what it is and how to fight it', 1970); 'SU Carburettor Bulletin', nos. 1-3, [1969?].
    'Carworker', "rank and file carworkers' paper", nos. 1-2, 8/9, 12, Apr-Jun 1971, Jun/Jul 1972, Mar/Apr 1973.
    Oxford IS: leaflets re British Leyland and Radiators, undated; 'BMC Service Bulletin', nos. 1-2, c1969.
    Coventry IS: 'Cov-Rad Bulletin', nos. 2-3, [c1969-70]; 'Rootes Bulletin' / 'Rootes Worker', nos. 1-5, [1969].
    [Ford] HD 5510 dept. Shop Committee leaflet no.2, 'The line for the lineworker', undated.
    Bristol IS: 'Rolls Royce Bulletin', nos. 1-3, 5-9, c1970.
    'Ford Socialist Bulletin'; nos. 1-2, published in Southampton, [1969]; nos. 1-5, 9-10, published in Westcliffe on Sea, Essex, [1969-70].
    Leaflets aimed at Ford workers, particularly in Dagenham, c1968-9 (subjects include: Czechoslovakia, lay offs of workers, Donovan Commission, Ford women machinists' dispute, workers' control and wages, Vietnam, Zenith Carburetter).
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