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  • 1972-1975
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  • Documents relating to the National Conference of Trade Unions Against Racialism, held in Birmingham on 2 Jun 1973:
    Conference papers: 'Pakistanis on strike in Nottingham'; Indian Workers' Association, 'Indian workers, British industry and the trade unions'; Alvaro Miranda, 'The role of the International Workers Branch of the T&GWU in organising immigrant workers in London'; Julian Atkinson (International Marxist Group), 'What role for black caucuses?'; Leeds Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists (ORA), 'A libertarian communist contribution'; Bob Hepple, 'The role of the law in combatting racial discrimination'; Michael Holman, 'British ships and non-European seamen'; Roger Tanner, 'Immigrant workers and capitalism'; M. Ludmer, 'Trade unions and the National Front'; Steve Cohen, 'Blacks: Victims of police brutality and the courts'; A. Kay (National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers), 'Trade unions and racialism'; Steve Cohen, 'Why it is important to understand racism in education'; Bill Simpson (Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers Foundry Section), 'Race relations in the foundry'; A. Razak, 'The Harwood Cash Lawn Mills dispute'; Tom Sibley, 'Trade unions have a key role to play in fighting racism'; and Indian Workers' Association, 'Struggle of black workers at Birmid Qualcast'.

    Other documents: statement by the Black People's Freedom Movement (based in Nottingham), [Jun 1973]; Association of Communist Workers leaflet on 'Racialism and the tasks of the British working class', 2 Jun 1973; and report back from the steering committee to conference delegates.

    Documents relating to the Trade Unionists to Combat Racism Greater London Regional Conference on 'The labour movement and the fight against racism', held on 22 Jul 1973: Conference report, provisional agenda and circular re Trade Unionists to Combat Racism.

    Scottish Immigrant Labour Council (formed in Nov 1971 by a group within the Indian Workers' Association to counteract the legislation of the Industrial Relations Act and Immigration Bill): leaflets, 1973 and undated; constitution, undated; and 'Equality', SILC bulletin nos.1 & 3, undated [1972-1973?].

    The file also includes: Paul Foot, 'The strike at Courtaulds, Preston - 24 May to 12 June 1965', undated; confidential report on JCWI survey on catering workers, undated [1975?]; report sent to the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers Enfield District Committee on dispute with the Electrical Trades Union over racism at Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd. (New Southgate), 25 Jul 1973; and 'Black Workers Action Committee Weekly Review', nos.1-2 & 6, undated [c1973].
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