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  • This material reflects the broad range of Jenkins' career as a trade union leader. Two substantial series of minutes and related papers record his membership of the British National Oil Corporation board (1979-1982) and the Labour Party Commission of Enquiry (1979-1980).

    Trade union matters account for the majority of the subject files, especially Jenkins' early involvement in the civil aviation industry during the 1950s and 1960s. The emphasis is on campaigns, rather than administration (see main ASTMS archive), except for two files regarding the reorganisation of ASSET (MSS.79/6/CJ/3/11-12). There are also a number of files regarding Jenkins' visits abroad as part of union delegations, including the USSR (1957 and 1963), North Vietnam (1970) and the USA (1974). The remainder relate to his involvement with the Labour Party and, more briefly, various other organisations, including the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

    The range of information contained in subject files varies considerably. Many contain mainly reference material, such as press cuttings and publications, rather than correspondence. The latter are often internal union communications or circulated papers, sometimes annotated by Jenkins. Material from a number of sources reveals Jenkins' prolific use of the media to publicise his activities and that of his union. His published work, including books, newspaper columns and articles are represented here, together with appearances on television and radio. Articles range from short, comic pieces to lengthy commentary on industrial affairs. Speech notes comprise headings and brief notes rather than expanded drafts.

    There are some subject files regarding 1970s advertising campaigns and activities are also documented through collections of photographs and press cuttings. There are some letters (writers include the politicians Harold Wilson, Michael Foot and Tony Benn) but no substantial series of correspondence with any individual. The diaries contain appointment information only. Some personal items have been deposited, including school reports and membership cards.
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Admin history
  • Clive Jenkins was born on 2 May 1926 at Port Talbot in south Wales. He left school at 14 and attended evening classes in metallurgy at Swansea Technical College. In 1945 he became nightshift manager at the Eaglebush Tinplate Works in Neath and the branch secretary and area treasurer of the Association of Scientific Workers (AScW) in the following year. Whilst working at the Eaglebush Works he met Harry Knight, general secretary of the Association of Supervisory Staffs, Executives and Technicians (ASSET) and in 1947 he moved to Birmingham to become the union's assistant Midlands divisional officer. In 1949 he moved to London to become its Transport Industrial Officer. He became general secretary of ASSET in 1961, joint general secretary of the newly-formed Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs (ASTMS) in 1968 and general secretary in 1970. Between 1988 and 1989 he was joint general secretary of Manufacturing, Science, Finance (MSF), the union formed by the amalgamation of ASTMS and TASS. He died on 22 September 1999 at Bushey, Hertfordshire.

    He became a particularly well-known public figure in the 1970s when the expansion of ASTMS's membership through amalgamations and high-profile recruitment campaigns contributed to the growth in 'white-collar' unionism. In 1988 ASTMS merged with the Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Section (TASS) to form MSF. Jenkins was a member of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) General Council 1974-1989.

    Jenkins was briefly a member of the Communist Party until 1954. He joined the Labour Party in 1945 and served as a London Borough Councillor 1954-1960. He stood for selection as a parliamentary candidate in 1964 and 1966 and was a prominent member of the Party's Commission of Enquiry, 1979-1980.

    He also held various public appointments, including positions with the British National Oil Company, 1979-1982, the National Heritage Memorial Fund, 1980-1988 and the National Economic Development Council, 1983-1989.

    Reference: A & C Black, Who's who, (London, 1998). Clive Jenkins, All against the collar, (London, 1990). Chris Wrigley, From ASSET to ASTMS: an example of white-collar union growth in the 1960s, (Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, No 7 Keele, 1999).
  • Unannotated duplicate material has been destroyed, including proofs of books and articles where the published version has also been deposited. MSS.79/AS/6/2/6 duplicates have been destroyed; MSS.79/AS/6/2/7 duplicates have been destroyed. 'Post-it' notes have been photocopied in situ and removed. Due to sheer volume of material, some duplication may remain.
  • Material previously listed as MSS.79/AS/6/2/1-19 in the main ASSET/ASTMS archive has been given the following new reference numbers. Former references are also noted in the list itself.

    MSS.79/AS/6/2/1-2 is now incorporated in MSS.79/6/CJ/4; MSS.79/AS/6/2/3 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/3/26; MSS.79/AS/6/2/4 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/41; MSS.79/AS/6/2/5 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/42; MSS.79/AS/6/2/8 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/92; MSS.79/AS/6/2/9 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/36; MSS.79/AS/6/2/10 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/3/6/1; MSS.79/AS/6/2/11 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/39; MSS.79/AS/6/2/12 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/3/37; MSS.79/AS/6/2/13 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/34; MSS.79/AS/6/2/14 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/3/31; MSS.79/AS/6/2/15 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/40; MSS.79/AS/6/2/16 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/76; MSS.79/AS/6/2/17 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/4/85; MSS.79/AS/6/2/18 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/7/97; MSS.79/AS/6/2/19 is now MSS.79/6/CJ/3/54.

    Material found loose has been organised into subject files to provide greater accessibility to the researcher. Press cuttings and photographs have been listed separately although newspaper articles by Jenkins have been listed, as far as possible, along with other published material. Subject files which served as reference material for Jenkins' published work also form part of this series. In the absence of any clear, original order, files and their contents have largely been arranged chronologically, under the union or organisations to which they relate. Span dates relate to the material listed and may not correlate with the union's administrative lifespan. Deposited copies of Tribune have been transferred to the University of Warwick Library to supplement their holdings of this journal. Published editions of Jenkins' books, Power at the top, Power behind the screen, British trade unions today, The kind of laws the unions ought to want, Computers and the unions, Collective bargaining, The collapse of work,, White collar unionism: the rebellious salariatand the journal, Trade Union Affairs, have been placed in the Centre's searchroom.
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  • Except where indicated, records in this collection are immediately open for research, provided that such research does not concern Mr Jenkins's personal affairs. If it does, applications for access will have to be referred by the Centre to Mr Jenkins's family. Some items are closed until a certain year to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.
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  • The subject files deposited by Jenkins overlap with files in the main archive of ASTMS, especially in the field of civil air transport (MSS.79/AS/3/6/1-144).
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